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The #EU is collapsing although countries cannot exist without trade. The breaking of ties will affect all of humanity: families and all socio-economic-government-systems of each country. The collapse can only be stopped by introducing a universal integral #education!

Thoughts of being like the Creator are thoughts of doing good to Him.
To induce this, the Creator distances a person; he feels removed but by thought and feeling efforts returns to the Creator—the effort is necessary not to get distanced, but to ask to always be with the Creator.

Nature’s oneness operates by the law of balance. What’s unbalanced is harmful. Each part consumes what it needs, and does everything to be in balance with others. It’s the law of connection, maintained by Nature. Man is able to align himself with it to be similar to the Creator.

Kant Baltic Federal University: The universe is more unpredictable than it was thought. Taking into account the singularities (states when one of the parameters becomes infinite) makes the universe unpredictable and fatal at any time; even galaxies won’t survive such a catastrophe.

In 4 months the Iranian #rial lost 50% due to US sanctions. August 6, foreign companies will stop working with Iran. The reduction of oil exports will continue the economic collapse. The country is experiencing mass protests, but Americans want a revolution! The Arab spring still on?

Israel must do all it can to prevent the world from exploding. First Kabbalists, then Jews must unite in order to bring the upper Light through us to mankind. By being disconnected we are blocking the upper Light from the world. That’s why #Antisemitism is growing all over the world

People need to be different in order to complement each other. The condition of unity was established to give them equal opportunities, to the degree of “Love thy neighbor.” Likewise, we can avert crises by debt removal (Shmitat Ksafim). Properly applied, it may reform society.

Since the world has entered a multilateral crisis, the solution must be global, that can correct the entire condition.
Selective measures in economy, industry, healthcare, and ecology are not sufficient.
All systems built by mankind have stopped functioning.

The tech-companies’ share collapse began—this is the beginning of the tech bubble’s explosion. But the upcoming crisis is universal, because it’s founded on mankind’s universal egoism.
The crisis will force us to change!
BTW, “crisis” (mashber) in Hebrew means childbirth (new)!

Mankind is afraid to change anything, although it understands the harm; but it allows it to exist at least in this way. In fact, nobody understands what to do. It’s time to hear the Kabbalists and through them influence the governing power of mankind.

The whole world is a tinderbox, which cannot be neutralized, for it is the result of disequilibrium in people’s, nations’, and states’ relationships. Our time is unique because all the factors through which humanity hoped to come to goodness revealed their evil!

Mutual guarantee derives from the structure of a single soul and knowing the laws of the unified system of nature. Total interconnection of its parts is revealed to the Kabbalist as a fact. To uncover the depths of the soul system, he rushes to the guarantee, hastening his evolution

A person is a desire. He always wants something—he prays constantly, but unconsciously. This unconscious #prayer comes from the Creator, who evokes it in the will of man. Only a #conscious desire is considered his prayer, which is his true self. The rest is his animal part.

#Trump and the #EU cannot act freely, but only move toward a balanced society, including all parts of the community—right up to the complete balance of humanity in all its manifestations. The path is obligatory—either through the awareness, or by way of blows, #suffering.

Your spiritual efforts have no results?
It’s written: “The Creator will finish my work.”
I.e., start a spiritual action (bestowal, connection, love) knowing that you are just beginning, and the Creator (OM – Ohr Makif) will finish what you started. In this, always feel as the Creator’s partner

People fear Judgment Day; they build shelters, believe that salvation is in getting distant and isolated from others. Kabbalah says: who strives to unite will be saved. In such an environment the upper force manifests, which will raise society to the next stage of development.

Trump accelerates times. The fed and dressed world is collapsing. Living standards will be like in the 1960s. Middle class and liberals will disappear. People recognize “there’s no future.” The Soviet Union once aspired to be like the West. Not anymore. This is Kabbalah’s prediction.

The law of balance of our correct interaction is described in RABASH’s articles. It’s the basis of the right attitude to earthly and spiritual nature that has nothing “excessive.” It’s the basis of behavior, upbringing, nutrition. The law zivug-de-hakaa connection with the Creator.

#Europe thinks that #Trump yields in his economic demands. But Trump will not back down; he will reach his goal by other means. In fact, his approach is not a whim, but a forced market-clearing #economic policy, which must objectively arise between all countries. Balance!

#USA: #Trade produces a lot of jobs, but internet-trade harms it. Industry was taken out. The crisis has come. Local authorities are for #Trump, but #bankers oppose him. Trump needs allies to destroy the “world order” and solve unemployment—this will ensure his re-election.
From Twitter, 7/31/18

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