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Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: The Creator prepared a trap for mankind, and no one will escape it, but will have to take on the work of the Creator until reaching the goal He has set. This is the Creator’s guarantee to Himself that He will not be deceived by the created being.

On Tammuz 17 Moses broke the tablets—Talmud, Shabbath 87: Blessed be that he broke them, for we will receive the light of the Torah. On Av 9, Temples 1 and 2 fell —Midrash Eicha: The fall is the preparation for the 3rd Temple, the unity of the whole world, and for all eternity.

The most effective method to engage the upper light is through unity: we draw the upper light directly from its source. When we unite, we focus the upper light on us like an iris diaphragm. In this way, we can pass through descents and ascents with greater power and speed.

Kabbalah is increasingly drawing the upper light. As a result, we feel more selfish, and the world feels darker—this is how the evil inclination manifests. It is revealed only to those who use the source of the upper light, which grows their desire above the animal level.

The goal of Kabbalah is to draw the upper force from the Creator: in order to feel a genuine need to exit the evil inclination that separates us from each other and distances us from the goal, by detracting us—the upper forces increase it in every possible way.
From Twitter, 7/26/18

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