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In spirituality, the root of the evil force is the 9th of Av. Great grief and misfortunes fell on this date. Their common cause is our unwillingness to oppose it with good. By moving away from each other, we repeatedly open the source of evil—then we fight with the consequences.

If we define the “state and nation of Israel” correctly, we’ll start living beyond differences, by the principle “love others,” since love has no boundaries, and anyone who wants to live by it will find a place—the borders will expand, the idea—love of others—will unite the world

The condition for Israel’s existence isn’t enemies, wars and victories, but unity!
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In The Writings of the Last Generation, the 20-century Kabbalist Baal HaSulam writes about the goal, the spiritual foundation of the people of Israel—the need to strive for unification and equality among all nations, and not for superiority of one flag or language over another

Replacing gold with paper money brought our relationships out of balance and gave rise to crises. After all, there is no real value in rags. The solution: to return to the standard of our world, reception. Or, immediately switch to the spiritual standard, bestowal. We’ll have to.

It is written that the 3rd Temple will descend off-the-shelf from heaven. Meaning, due to our efforts in unity, we will receive from above, from the Creator’s rung, Bina, the force of oneness and love. It will unite us and the power of love called the Creator will manifest among us.

Today, on Av 9, destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples, we are clearing the place for their restoration. Clearing the place is removing ourselves from self-interest. In this free space, build the Temple—the sensation of the Creator, as the only governor of the world, in FAITH ABOVE REASON.

-What obstacle are you facing?
Between you and the Creator?
-It is only you.

Rising above oneself, REASON, on the path to the Creator,
can be done only by the efforts in FAITH ABOVE REASON
that the Creator is in everything.

Today is Av 9,Temples 1 and 2 destruction day. It should be a day of sorrow, but there’s none! Why Temple? A temple isn’t a building, but the unity of hearts in love. Unification of separated hearts is called the restoration of the Temple, or the soul, where the Creator is revealed

Exercise: To constantly strive to be in FAITH ABOVE REASON. It means to strive to imagine how the Creator governs the world, you, and everything that takes place. FAITH is stronger than the world we see—REASON. Gradually, the Light that Reforms will reveal the Creator.

Exercise: The sense of the world (evil) is called REASON. The idea that the world is governed by the Creator, who is good, is FAITH. It is necessary to be in constant awareness of both perceptions of the world, EVIL and GOOD, in parallel, which means to be in FAITH ABOVE REASON.

The temple is the embodiment of not only Israel’s but all nations’ unity. So it has a place for them. If the nations opposed the Temple it wouldn’t stand an hour. Hence, it was destroyed not by the nations of the world but by the hatred among the people of Israel (Maharal MiPrag)

Av 9, the day of the destruction of the Temple, should be regarded as an awareness of the destruction of love among the people of Israel, i.e., the strife to restore the Temple of connection. It’s written: the day of the destruction of the temple is also the day of its restoration
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