My Thoughts On Twitter 7/21/18

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Memory doesn’t exist. We are in the sea of the upper light and receive information from it according to our equivalence. That’s what is called memory. Everything exists in the upper light and depends on the degree of equivalence with it, up to being able to extract any states from it.

Liberal politicians are nervous, sensing the familiar world is crushing: markets, banks, middle class will vanish. Consequently, the liberal media will lose their control over society. They’ll be replaced by new politicians and leaders—not speech-makers, but the business type.

If I saw that by affecting others, I’m affecting myself myself, I would be nice to everyone by necessity, in fear to hurt myself. But Nature wants to bring us to the unconditional type of love, which is free of self-interest (“ahava lo tluya badavar“).

We must always think that our connection with the Creator never stops although it is hidden from us. The Creator is found within our connection, and whether the Creator is revealed or concealed depends solely on our relationships.

In the group we are connected by desires and thoughts and are affecting each other. Together, we also affect the Creator, who fills our desires and thoughts, moving nearer or farther away accordingly, as per the law of equivalence of form.

Requests to the upper force differ in their aspiration toward correction. Although our connections are broken, as well as with the Creator, these connections exist, if only in a concealed form. A proper request motivates the upper to help the lower to reach the goal.
From Twitter, 7/21/18

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