My Thoughts On Twitter 7/19/18

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All man’s qualities are necessary in order to achieve the equivalence with the Creator, but one must understand how each of them needs to be changed so he can reach this goal.

#Trump represents a turning point. He’s not the one doing it: “Kings’ hearts are in the Creator’s hands.” The world hit a dead-end, for liberalism, based on democracy, as it were, wore itself out. That’s because its development is rooted in self-interest and brought nothing good.

As usual, self-interest has good intentions reversed. #European #democracy will be replaced by #Nazi regimes. Unless we begin the process of man’s correction, the #liberal regimes will turn into the #fascist ones. Ultimately, power is all the liberals want!

Democracy has passed its peak. Its final form is fascism. But while it is crumbling, there’s still a chance to convince the world that there is no alternative development but to rise above ego (the method of Kabbalah). Otherwise, we will face a global concentration camp and demise.

Any egoistic union results in a collapse.
This is how any social experiment ends.
Before undertaking building any society, it is necessary to have man’s ego corrected first;
but even then—only in the degree of such a correction.

The first stage in the correction of our nature is the awareness of the evil. It comes with suffering. Why one suffers needs to be explained. Like when in pain, he goes to a doctor. And there will be a way to cure the ailment: to avoid annihilation and come to a peaceful life.

Humanity has no shortage of anything except good relations between people. If we are worried about tomorrow and do not want to come to a serious crisis in the nearest #future, we must start learning today how to bring people together.

#Trump and #Putin have to agree to stop using force, be it the #military, #political, #economic, #financial, or any other. We must completely abandon the use of force as a problem resolution technique and start applying the Kabbalah method as man’s correction.

No-one has a solution and no-one knows where the next blow is going to come from. We don’t even have the means to prepare for it. The previous laws that we lived by no longer work. That is the predicament Nature has placed us in.
From Twitter, 7/19/18

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