Under The Dictate Of The Upper Force

laitman_600.04Question: Do animals feel the Creator?

Answer: No. The upper force works in them purely automatically, as well as in people.

In our world, we think that one person is harmful, another is good, another is smart and another stupid, without knowing the extent to which this is determined only by the Creator, and by no one else. No one has freewill. Everyone does what the upper force dictates to them. But this is hidden from us.

Moreover, in people who are coming close to feeling the Creator, it is being gradually revealed. They begin to feel their relationship with the Creator: whether they are directly connected to Him, whether they are fulfilling His will, and so on.

Question: Do people who are coming close the Creator feel sorry for everyone else acting as programmed robots?

Answer: When you look at your little son, you see how controlled he is. So what? Do you feel sorry for him?

Also, you should not talk with an ordinary person about this issue, only in the event that he will have the opportunity to correct himself. If he is not in the appropriate environment and does not have such a need, then in no case should it be done. As it is written, “Do not place obstacles before a blind man.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/18/18

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