How Is Freedom Of Choice Realized?

laitman_448Question: You say that everything develops according to a particular program, and at the same time you speak about freedom of choice. Isn’t there a contradiction here?

Answer: No, indeed there is a general program of development in relation to all of humanity and a particular program of development in relation to every person. However, going in the way that is intended for you, you can go against your will where you are pushed from behind through suffering like a beast or you can go rapidly in a conscious way like a human being. This is the entire difference.

Freedom of choice is an independent and conscious choice of forward movement, with a choice of accelerated development. It doesn’t exist for everyone else. But when you choose the conditions for movement and independent advancement, you determine for yourself everything that you perceive on the way, and then everything feels completely different.

Question: But a person always strives to be free. There is freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and so forth.

Answer: All of this doesn’t exist. On the level of our world, everything is determined from the start. However, we are talking about the spiritual development of a person where a person can advance only through realizing freedom of choice.

Question: Yet, how is it possible to choose a mate or a profession for myself correctly? Does the wisdom of Kabbalah speak about this?

Answer: No, it is only if you study the wisdom of Kabbalah and begin independently and consciously to advance forward in the proper implementation of your environment (group, teacher, method), then freedom of choice appears for you.

However, it doesn’t exist just like that! After all, I am an egoist, and at every given moment, I search where it will be better for me, how to find some benefit, to profit more. This is not freedom, but a search like a dog that looking for food in the street.

Question: What is the system that throughout life arranges all kinds of problems and blows for a person just so that he would begin to think and reflect upon the meaning of life?

Answer: This is an absolute system of connection between all of its parts. Therefore, all of us determine the fate of one another.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/27/15

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