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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/8/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Instead of masses of workers feeding elite, we see a small number of workers feeding masses of loafers whom they intend to pay a guaranteed income for nothing. But these masses will have to undergo education and in a good, reciprocal connection will all have to reveal the Creator.

#Kabbalah is the science of #social cohesion, which does not smooth things out or hide #conflicts. However, it changes attitudes toward them and lifts above them.

No #freetrade has ever existed—protectionism always has, only concealed! But the contradictions of national economies have become so acute that they cannot be mitigated by hidden protectionism. Regarding the #import duties—this is better, because they are playing openly.

To be independent a person must include two opposites
– lifepath with ego and problems
– cover it with “there is none else besides Him,” the force of bestowal
By engaging these two forces we acquire the middle line, their harmony in balance,
So we achieve adhesion with the Creator

Above all the hindrances that come only from Him, we hold on to “There is none else besides Him,” strengthening each other, realizing the need to rise above the ego-sensations: “They have eyes, but they don’t see; ears, but do not hear.” Try to relate everything to the Creator!

We reach adhesion with the Creator with our dual inner nature: the one opposite to Him and the one that maintains Him. So, while remaining His creations, we achieve similarity to Him. And the path to this goal is through love of the creations, and further, to the love of the Creator.

Why is love of the Creator acquired in the love of His creations? Everyone agrees to love the Creator—it’s the ultimate force that created everything and governs everything. For selfish reasons, it’s advantageous for us to be close to it. But closeness is determined by similarity!

There’s no work but to picture yourself in the Creator despite obstacles and to seek connection with the group where everyone sees himself and the group in the Creator. Obstacles in connecting with the group and the Creator are rungs of the spiritual ladder ascending to the loving Creator

To attain perfection, rising to the Creator can be done by receiving His properties over ours. For this we must have both: properties opposite to the Creator’s, as creations, and those similar to the Creator’s, as the goal of creation demands— adhesion in the equivalence of form.

A person must include two opposites: below—the flow of life with its obstacles, above it—confidence in “There is none else besides Him,” the upper force of bestowal. But we acquire the middle line, where both lines are in harmony, and we achieve adhesion with the Creator.

We don’t change anything in the world: in or around us. It is revealed that all comes from the Creator and there is none else besides Him—this where the correction lies. But it is revealed through feeling “out of oneself,” which is acquired in the love of creations (in the group)
From Twitter, 7/8/18

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Thai Boys Rescue

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/8/18

The world is heaving a sigh of relief. After two gut-wrenching weeks, four boys were rescued from the cave in North Thailand. Yet, tension is still at its peak as eight more boys are trapped in the cave with their coach, where oxygen levels are gradually declining and water levels are threatening to rise.

Two weeks ago this dramatic portrayal would have sounded like a trailer for a blockbuster thriller. But as the script became reality, the media channels around the world are doing their best to keep us biting our nails while watching.

So what is truly driving the explosion of interest in this story? An earnest human concern or curiosity? How much do we truly fear for the fate of the Thai children? Did news about the nearly one hundred Japanese who died today due to record floods also make us similarly anxious? Or did it not have enough drama to reach our awareness?

Surely, we are addicted to sensationalism. Media producers are well aware of it, and knowingly use it to boost their ratings. They will prioritize the story that keeps us glued to the screen. And the rating counter doesn’t differentiate between the Thai cave incident and a popular world cup soccer match.

That being said, a dramatic event of global proportions does capture our common attention in a unique way. We watch, follow and even worry about it together, and without noticing, we are gradually fused into a common humanity. We are getting used to our common life as a global village.

Emotionally speaking, we aren’t there yet. But that is news to come.

Between The Straights

laitman_221.0The three weeks preceding the 9th of Av have begun. These days are called Bein ha Metzarim (“between the straights”). Everything happening in this world is the effect of the upper system. Actions and states in our world spread from the upper root to the material branch and materialize in this world as branches, in the inanimate material, vegetative, animate, and people, in time and space. We must study the roots by analyzing their branches.

As of today, the upper branches have already materialized in our world, all except the final correction (Gmar Tikkun). Everything that had to be revealed has been revealed; all that is left is the final correction. That is why Baal HaSulam says that we are living in the times of the last generation that will have to correct the shattering, which has already been completely revealed. We now only need to apply effort in order to rise above it.

But the ascent upward is impossible without a clear understanding of the malfunction that exists in the system and a correct relationship to it, as being a necessary initial condition. Essentially, it is not a sin. The creation of the evil inclination was necessary. Both the “sky” and the “earth” are necessary because “He created them one against the other,” as if the evil force has been created against the good force.

In reality, it only emphasizes the positive. It is because, as is later revealed, there is no evil. There is only a lack of the good. Also, the good will be revealed in multifaceted ways as a result of the role the evil played against it. There is no evil, there is only the revelation of the good in its opposite form.

We need to learn that there is a connection between the root and the branch. This means that in our time, as was during the course of our entire history, the root appears through the branches on particular dates, repeating in the same points in time; for example, the 17th of Tammuz, the 9th of Av. These dates always brought suffering to the nation of Israel, while the time around Purim was usually joyful and happy.

That is why during these days we need to be especially careful, even in our material concerns, and avoid risky actions until the end of day of the 9th of Av. Right after it, we already begin to feel that we are exiting from a mourning period and can rejoice and aspire toward the final correction.

The 17th of Tammuz is the beginning of the days “between the straights,” associated with the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple wall, and the destruction of the Temple itself, symbolizing the existing connection in the nation of Israel after entering the land of Israel. This connection becomes possible thanks to the reception of the Torah, the preparation for which was the 40 years of wandering in the desert and the correction of Malchut with the help of Bina. Bina is the letter “mem – מ” (forty).

After that, as soon as they built the First Temple, they immediately began to fall. They built the Second Temple, already lower than the First, but it was also destroyed. That was already the final destruction. All of this destruction occurred on the day of the 9th of Av.

For us, today, the immediate goal is to re-establish the Shechina (divinity). In other words, the correction must occur specifically on the same dates. Where hatred and shattering were revealed, unity and the love must also be revealed.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Period of ‘Between the Straits’”
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New Life 1013 – Complacency And Lack Of Responsibility

New Life 1013 – Complacency And Lack Of Responsibility
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

To the degree that I transform myself into a conduit between the higher power and society will I be able to have confidence in a positive future. Every person should feel responsible for attracting the positive force and bringing society to a state in which a higher power is taking care of it. This requires internal sensitivity to others and to society as a whole. The heart must have a supreme value. When disaster strikes, the responsibility ultimately belongs to the complacent and negligent society that failed to educate people adequately.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1013 – Complacency And Lack Of Responsibility,” 5/27/18

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