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Kabbalah: It is necessary to create a public opinion that influences a person so that he cannot act against society. This is the only leverage to affect a person and provide him with the individual freedom to evolve, to aspire to the Upper world.

How, when in ego, to exit it? Like Baron Munchausen to pull oneself out of the swamp by the hair? The Baron did not have the external force to pull himself out. We do have an external force—it is the upper light, the Creator! We turn to Him and He pulls us out of the swamp.

The whole world, all problems are aimed to push man toward unselfish relations, to connect everyone in a single system of the SOUL, which broke into billions of small pieces, so that we, with our requests, compelled the Creator to assemble us into a single vessel to reveal Him.

Will the Creator always test a person’s faithfulness to Him? He doesn’t test, for He knows all in advance; He is beyond time. It concerns the man-Creator relationship, pertaining only to us, to give us an initial understanding of the contact. Then, the upper connection is revealed.

Bestowal can be built only over reception, which is our nature, so the whole work is to establish that “There is none else besides the Creator”—in and around me. If I make effort to live in this kind of world, then I gradually begin to feel that it is really so.

The property of bestowal, Lishma, is achieved by asking. But the Creator responds only to a genuine request. If one doubts in wanting to part with the ego, it remains unanswered. So, one must ask many times, until the plea is formed not only in the mouth but also in the heart.

Correction in Unity: Each obstacle leads us to prayer. I see that I am unable to connect with the friend, and therefore I turn to the Creator, that is, I need the Creator as much as I need the friend. Thus we build the Temple and the wall against obstacles.

Where should I disagree with the Creator? Agree to everything, except for the constant call to raise us spiritually. An appeal (prayer) works if it comes from the group, as a request for such a connection in the group in which the Creator can be revealed.

It is written that the Creator is jealous and needs man’s attention. The Creator demands man’s attention to Him, to the state of connection, bestowal and love, making sure that man gains strength and is filled with impressions from the developing connection between him and the Creator.

Renewal descends from the Creator, but it manifests in a person! And we perceive the world in accordance with our internal changes against the background of the upper white light. It is you who projects yourself and your inner qualities as the world that surrounds you.

If it were obvious that the Creator does everything for the benefit of man, we would not change. Our goal is to attain the Creator’s property, bestowal, over the receiving property. Acting as if we are in the Creator’s world, despite His entanglements we find Him in His obstacles

The difference between Kabbalah and religion is that Kabbalah teaches how to unite people, so that in their unity, the love of people, to uncover the property called the Creator. “From love of others – to love of the Creator,” which is the goal of development and correction of man.

Trump’s behavior is not a matter of character, but of the economy. The world #economy has come to a standstill. The division of markets is inevitable. Who closes their market to imports like #Trump, will win in providing jobs for the people. It’s better than having a war.

If one agrees to remain in his condition forever because he receives it from the Creator, he is in adhesion with the Creator. If he is asking for more, then self-pity consumes him. But if I agree, then with this state begins the Sulam (ladder)—the spiritual ascent.

In the development in the group, we go through the unfolding of evil in each of us and strive for the good: this is a group work, no-one can help oneself. All efforts are only to unite with the friends in one intention, to think alike and aspire forth.
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