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Joy illuminated the darkness.
This is the point in the heart,
Like a spark, touched the Creator.

Freedom is the foundation of #life. If we break away from the program of self-gratification that governs us, we rise to a mode of #freedom. I want to arrange my desire in the program of bestowal, not reception.This is the upper level of #existence. #Kabbalah

To know the truth is the aspiration of the point in the heart from which I find myself under the power of the receiving program that leads me to unneeded conditions. I do not want to be attaining pleasures! I want to be free of their control! But how?

Bestowal is attained in breaking free from receiving, regardless of pleasures, when I make a restriction to retune myself from the reception program to the program of bestowal and love. And the new program, as the former one, is installed by the Creator. #SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

The inclusion of Malchut in all variations into the first 9 Sefirot generates a huge number of primary, secondary, and other fears. Any feeling of possible lack is called fear. The reverse inclusion of the 9 Sefirot in Malchut brings forth the opening of the soul and joy! #Kabbalah

The group is a fixed structure, but it’s concealed
The Creator is a fixed element, but He is concealed
When the real group, spirituality, reveals itself—the spiritual quality of unity—
Within it, the upper force/Creator, will be revealed.
One can’t be without the other

Although we live in the land of #Israel, we got a mere chance to become a nation, that is, for us is to rise above the ego, over the culture and values of the peoples of the world, to mutual love. Otherwise, what’s the difference who rules in the country, us or the Arabs?

In Temple II, all the #Torah commandments were reached except for unconditional love (Lishma), and so it fell from unfounded hatred. Correction can be done only by raising the nation to the Lishma condition, and to attain it—only by studying #Kabbalah. Hence it is revealed.

We should cry not for the fall of the Wall and the Temple but for the destruction of the connection of our hearts that doesn’t allow us to realize even today that the bond between us is broken, and we must restore it. Only thus will the III Temple be restored.

The destruction of the Temple by the Creator is division of the common desire/soul as preparation for our correction, to collect our desires together and into one common desire to reveal its implementation, the Creator, its likeness to Him, the quality of bestowal and love

In Hebrew, BO-RE means to “come and see.” This is precisely how Kabbalah builds within us the attitude toward the Creator: Kabbalah relates to the world only to the extent He can be revealed. Everything else, it does not accept on faith, or in any other way.

The Third Temple is the complete unification of all people among themselves.
In it, the Upper force of love and bestowal (Creator) is revealed. We don’t need to build it physically. We don’t need any material symbols. We must build the #Temple in our heart, among us!

What does it mean, “There’s none else besides Him”?
It means there’s nothing besides the force that fills creation, including me. I am creation. There is nothing outside of me. The universe, humanity, is me. All of it is inside me. That’s how we attain #reality.

What does it mean to ask the Creator?
It means to turn to the force that is constantly in us, at the foundation of our existence, to aspire to connect with this force, to be in dialogue with it, until the connection becomes obvious. This is turning to the Creator. Learn to do it!

Resurrection of the dead means the correction of selfish desires. Desires are called dead if they are egoistic and alive if they are #altruistic. Reforming selfish desires into altruistic desires is called resurrection of the dead.
#Spiritual work_ML #Kabbalah

The Creator is the corrected you.
After all, you are created completely opposite to the Creator, the property of selfless bestowal and love.
We study ourselves to correct our reverse properties and obtain equivalence to the Creator.
#Soul #Wisdom

I have to constantly think how to bring the group closer to the goal. Bring to the Creator all of the friends, all of us, as one whole—this is my mission and my correction.

Adhesion is when there is a storm around you and inside you, tearing you from the Creator, and for you the only important thing is to hold on to the Creator, in super-efforts to become conscious of and feel that everything comes from Him.

To have faith means to hold on to “There is no one besides the Creator,” who is doing everything for your good. This is my inner state, intent in the heart: I want to remain in adhesion with the Creator in any condition, and then, through Him, to see and feel the whole world.

Calling constantly for faulty states is not to incur misfortune. If evil is revealed in the efforts toward goodness, it is darkness that awakens dawn. Feeling this darkness, I experience the taste of shadow and light. Only so can the creation perceive the Creator!

We intentionally put ourselves out of balance in order to feel the need for the Creator and thus hasten our correction. A fixed state (desire) is spiritual death, but we want to place ourselves in the conditions that without His help we wouldn’t cope with them.

The idea of #globalization to transform the world into a single one, managed by the world government, populated by similar peoples, collapsed. The USA recognized it first. Forming the #EU was based not on the nations’ interests but on the world elite’s. Ego always leads to war and split.

Disintegration of the #EU will cause mutual accusations of the EU Member State reps on “Who is to blame for the split?” which threatens another world #war. It’s best to start the estrangement right away. Removing the #egoists from each other is good for them and for the world!

The goal is in the initial intention. Hence, view the world as one soul, a ten. Otherwise, the efforts are lost! Me-Torah-Creator should become one whole. Therefore, our Kli, the ten, must be complete and include the entire creation and the Creator in common unity.

“The end result of an action is set in the original plan,”—everything is clarified in the intention, so we must initially aspire toward the end of the correction so that all undergone states serve as steps to the final form, according to which we build our way.

“To rise by faith above reason,” to “hang in the air” is a special condition, where the spiritual path begins. Having made ourselves completely dependent on the Creator, not on ourselves, not on the ego, we begin the ascent along the spiritual path.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

Crawled into the mind,
Observing what they can feast on,
Standing quiet …

They fear to be noticed.
But look in their direction—
And that’s where the light streams

Smile at pranksters—
And they dissolve
Now vanished …

A person is a small world;
All my qualities are scattered around the world.
How can I see that the world is me?

I can’t. I need help
Who will help? The Creator.
It’s He who invented everything.
And I, like an old man,
Am walking along the road
Collecting myself bit by bit

1 friend isn’t enough—10 are needed. Despite having a nature opposite to the light, the Kli can achieve similarity to the light.
For this reason, 10 types of the desire to enjoy are needed. By working with them, one can achieve the altruistic quality of the light. #altruism

Uniting above differences means to feel the group as oneself. The work isn’t difficult, as long as you remember to include the Creator in it.
This is why it is called the “Creator’s work,” and not mine.
Like a child drags an adult to help him, so must we drag the Creator.
From Twitter, 7/5/18

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