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Today is the 17th of Tamuz —the beginning of the Temple’s destruction. Grieving means feeling pain in your heart due to our horrible relationships! Every day that the Temple isn’t resurrected means we would destroy it today just as well! It’s our state that we must grieve about!

The states of the upper world descend to the material one and take shape in it. Through to today, all the upper events have materialized in our world, except for correction. Hence, we live in a generation destined to correct the ego-nature and reveal the upper world.

Differences are necessary to establish balance and unity.
The rule for overcoming differences:
-no one is right,
-the right decision lies in the sides rising above the differences. Mutual guarantee makes it possible to rise above the revealing differences without stopping.

Faith above reason is a spiritual state where one feels this world’s evil influence on him, but accepts it as coming from the Creator and hence reacts to the evil by turning to the Creator, so the suffering doesn’t obstruct the Creator from him, but rather leads him to adhesion.

The oppositeness itself points to how you can reach adhesion.

The Creator reveals the breaking so that you could rejoice by correcting flaws by becoming like Him. There’s no evil in the world, there’s the chance to become like the Creator! You rejoice that He has created you as opposite.

We are witnessing the downfall of all #government, #financial and #social systems. In the past, new systems were conceived and developed from the existing systems. But that’s not happening this time. Therefore, a fundamentally new system is about to be born!

Egoism is a force that deliberately hinders the soul’s correction. It can only be corrected by the upper light. Thus the whole spiritual path comes down to prayer, entreating the Creator to correct us. Egoism compels us to turn to the Creator. It’s the Creator’s angel!
From Twitter, 7/2/18

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