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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/19/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

All man’s qualities are necessary in order to achieve the equivalence with the Creator, but one must understand how each of them needs to be changed so he can reach this goal.

#Trump represents a turning point. He’s not the one doing it: “Kings’ hearts are in the Creator’s hands.” The world hit a dead-end, for liberalism, based on democracy, as it were, wore itself out. That’s because its development is rooted in self-interest and brought nothing good.

As usual, self-interest has good intentions reversed. #European #democracy will be replaced by #Nazi regimes. Unless we begin the process of man’s correction, the #liberal regimes will turn into the #fascist ones. Ultimately, power is all the liberals want!

Democracy has passed its peak. Its final form is fascism. But while it is crumbling, there’s still a chance to convince the world that there is no alternative development but to rise above ego (the method of Kabbalah). Otherwise, we will face a global concentration camp and demise.

Any egoistic union results in a collapse.
This is how any social experiment ends.
Before undertaking building any society, it is necessary to have man’s ego corrected first;
but even then—only in the degree of such a correction.

The first stage in the correction of our nature is the awareness of the evil. It comes with suffering. Why one suffers needs to be explained. Like when in pain, he goes to a doctor. And there will be a way to cure the ailment: to avoid annihilation and come to a peaceful life.

Humanity has no shortage of anything except good relations between people. If we are worried about tomorrow and do not want to come to a serious crisis in the nearest #future, we must start learning today how to bring people together.

#Trump and #Putin have to agree to stop using force, be it the #military, #political, #economic, #financial, or any other. We must completely abandon the use of force as a problem resolution technique and start applying the Kabbalah method as man’s correction.

No-one has a solution and no-one knows where the next blow is going to come from. We don’t even have the means to prepare for it. The previous laws that we lived by no longer work. That is the predicament Nature has placed us in.
From Twitter, 7/19/18

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Under The Dictate Of The Upper Force

laitman_600.04Question: Do animals feel the Creator?

Answer: No. The upper force works in them purely automatically, as well as in people.

In our world, we think that one person is harmful, another is good, another is smart and another stupid, without knowing the extent to which this is determined only by the Creator, and by no one else. No one has freewill. Everyone does what the upper force dictates to them. But this is hidden from us.

Moreover, in people who are coming close to feeling the Creator, it is being gradually revealed. They begin to feel their relationship with the Creator: whether they are directly connected to Him, whether they are fulfilling His will, and so on.

Question: Do people who are coming close the Creator feel sorry for everyone else acting as programmed robots?

Answer: When you look at your little son, you see how controlled he is. So what? Do you feel sorry for him?

Also, you should not talk with an ordinary person about this issue, only in the event that he will have the opportunity to correct himself. If he is not in the appropriate environment and does not have such a need, then in no case should it be done. As it is written, “Do not place obstacles before a blind man.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/18/18

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Birth And Death In Spirituality

laitman_571.03Question: What is birth, death, integration, and rejection in spirituality?

Answer: They are a mutual convergence of desires. Desires can be completely opposite, which means totally remote, polar. By gradually becoming similar to each other, they can become closer, partially overlap, form a common segment, and, in the case of full similarity, completely superimpose on each other.

Question: In spirituality, what is death and birth?

Answer: There is no death in the spiritual world. There is a transition from one level to another. Birth is the appearance of desire, which begins to acquire an ever larger screen.

Question: If a person postpones a desire that he cannot work with, is it not called “killing” it for a while?

Answer: No, because we will work with it later. There are many such opportunities when we move from one state to another, and in the next state we partially use the previous one, and the remaining desires prepared in advance will be partially used at the higher levels.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 02/25/18

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Only Through Love For The Created Beings To Love For The Creator

laitman_232.01We have no other path other than to fulfill the thought of creation, that is, to reach adhesion with the Creator. But to reach this adhesion, we must have love for the Creator, which is only possible with the help of an instrument that we prepare with our exercises in love toward the creation: within a society, in a group, in a ten. There is no other way: only through the love for the created beings to the love for the Creator.1

All the abundance that is revealed in the world comes only from above. It does not depend on our work and effort, but is determined only by those states, good or bad, which descend to us according to the program of creation. “Bad” states are those that educate and advance us by the path of suffering. That is why, to the extent in which we change our path, shifting it from the path of suffering to the path of conscious development, in other words, “hastening of time” (Achishena), we attract into this world the good for each individual person and for all of us together. In this lies the entire concept of supporting the world.

Each individual who belongs to a group that takes care of all the friends feels that his desire to receive is neutralized and the need to care about himself vanishes. Society conquers him with its care and he no longer feels himself under the power of egoism. It is like a child who knows and feels that he is under the care of loving parents and is therefore completely free of any concern for himself. He is certain that his parents will take care of everything he requires.

Similarly, the society’s love and care will influence each person, and then no one will need to think about his own desire to receive pleasure because he already feels that it will be fulfilled by the society. The society neutralizes his egoism with its care and demonstrates the example of bestowal. And when the individual separates himself from his egoistic desire and begins to engage in bestowal to society, an entire new world opens up before him.

That is why the main thing is to provide such a feeling of mutual guarantee within a society so that each individual feels no need of anything and is able to care only about bestowal and not about personal gains.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From Love for the Created Beings to The Love for the Creator”
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2 Minute 2:30

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Revealing The Unknown

laitman_253Question: Scientists of our world are constantly in dispute and disagree with each other. Everyone promotes their own theory. How does it work among the Kabbalist scientists?

Answer: If a Kabbalist scientist clearly knows where he exists and speaks only from the level of his attainments without crossing into something he has not revealed, then he is a real scientist and his conclusions can be trusted.

If a Kabbalist is unable to clearly define where he exists and he can slightly “overstep” his boundary, then his attainments in that area are not really true. Then he has all sorts of guesses, theories, assumptions, and sometimes mistakes. Kabbalists themselves write about this.

In particular, Baal HaSulam wrote a book about a great Kabbalist of the 17th century who incorrectly described an entire phase of attainment of the upper nature. In Kabbalah, just as in any other science, this has a place.

Kabbalists, just as other scientists, can have various disputes and criticize one another. It can be expressed through their knowledge, assumptions, drawings, or many other things.

In other words, Kabbalah is like ordinary science where a person faces the fact of revealing something unknown.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/11/18

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Helsinki Summit

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/18/18

While the first thing on the American mind after the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki is Trump’s comments regarding the Russian election meddling, there is a lot more for the world to worry about when it comes to international relations.

The world is undergoing a major transformation. While many are able to notice it, very few can conceive of the true nature of the change, and much less how we can go through it successfully.

Much of what is happening revolves around money, as it is still the infrastructure of our manmade systems. Therefore, the emerging global crisis we face is mostly financial. When many different stakeholders rock the global boat on which we all sail, the balance can be easily broken.

The global financial systems are highly unstable, yet no one knows how and when they will break. We do know that major wars typically start with economic crises. And in today’s hyper-connected world, a cyber-attack is all it takes to cause a power outage for an entire country or a disruption of public institutions. Hence, it’s better for everyone that Russia and the U.S. will be in cooperation mode, especially when it comes to the economic system.

However, economics is a direct reflection of human relations. And the nature of human relations today is at the most egoistic state it’s ever been, with international affairs looking a lot like mafia affairs. Take a look at how European countries wish to isolate themselves within their borders while the debts of the EU keep growing. And so, as the growing egoism faces the reality of growing interdependence, we are nearing a dead end.

The crises we witness from day to day gradually uncover the global challenge we face: fixing human relations at the root. We have to upgrade the level of human relations to match our globally interdependent world.

Until the last century, nations still fought for resources. But in today’s world we can provide abundance to all at the touch of a button, which makes it clear that any shortage stems from our inability to organize as a global society. In other words, we must upgrade human relations to reorganize our manmade systems.

This is where Israel enters the scene. “Israel holds the essence of all being,” writes Rav Kook, “and there is no movement in the world, in all the nations, which you will not find in Israel.”

The people of Israel was founded on the ability to connect all nations to a cohesive society. Israel carries the D.N.A for the future of human relations. This is not about morals and ethics, but rather developing a tangible perception of the interconnected world. This is the true start-up the world expects from “the start-up nation.”

Both Trump and Putin declared their commitment to Israel at the Helsinki summit. But the use of Israel as a political bargaining chip in the hands of world leaders is not new. Among the nations of the world there is a certain sense that connection with the Jewish people can provide a global advantage. At the end of the day, both leaders will be positive to Israel as long as it serves their interests.

Israel’s status in the international community is so fluid that friendship can turn to hostility overnight. It’s not difficult to imagine one of the Scandinavian countries, for instance, calling for a boycott of Israel, gradually followed by other European countries. In such an escalating scenario, it’s not certain that the U.S. could help Israel even if it wanted to.

Surely, in times of trouble, Israelis become the epitome of solidarity and social cohesion. But rather than waiting for heavy pressure from the world, we should deliver what humanity needs from us in the first place: an example for new human relations, a society that demonstrates a new level of human connection, suitable for the connected future of humanity. This is the real summit.

Image: Reuters

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/19/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “From the Bottom of the Ladder to the Permanent Dvekut

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 2, Part 6, “Histaklut Pnimit,” “Seder Siba ve Mesubav,” Item 8

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”

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