Revealing The Unknown

laitman_253Question: Scientists of our world are constantly in dispute and disagree with each other. Everyone promotes their own theory. How does it work among the Kabbalist scientists?

Answer: If a Kabbalist scientist clearly knows where he exists and speaks only from the level of his attainments without crossing into something he has not revealed, then he is a real scientist and his conclusions can be trusted.

If a Kabbalist is unable to clearly define where he exists and he can slightly “overstep” his boundary, then his attainments in that area are not really true. Then he has all sorts of guesses, theories, assumptions, and sometimes mistakes. Kabbalists themselves write about this.

In particular, Baal HaSulam wrote a book about a great Kabbalist of the 17th century who incorrectly described an entire phase of attainment of the upper nature. In Kabbalah, just as in any other science, this has a place.

Kabbalists, just as other scientists, can have various disputes and criticize one another. It can be expressed through their knowledge, assumptions, drawings, or many other things.

In other words, Kabbalah is like ordinary science where a person faces the fact of revealing something unknown.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/11/18

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