Why Are We Afraid To Part With Life

Laitman_198.jpgQuestion: Why is it terrible for people to end their lives early, even if it is in continuous suffering?

Answer: Because this is a natural, instinctive desire of man to exist in any form. So it’s laid in us by nature in accordance with the upper system.

The fact is that our lives in the animal (material) body does not make any sense if we do not develop it during it and do not move to the next stage—into a spiritual state. Then we simply end our material existence.

Our Reshimot (informational basis of the spiritual essence) passes from one body to another.

The material body of man refers to the animal level. With it there is no transformation, except like animals. And what is called the point in the heart—a spiritual Reshimo or information record from the highest level, must be implemented. It is eternal. Therefore, we must reach the level of its realization during this life. The science of Kabbalah explains exactly this.

It says that by the end of the sixth millennium or, perhaps even earlier, all people must reach the highest level as an outcome.

That animal state in which we now exist on our small planet will disappear from our sensation, and with it the material world will disappear because it exists only in our imagination. And we will already be in a new dimension on a new level at which the spiritual Reshimo will be self-realized.

But because today we feel our animal life as the only existing one, we have a serious sense of fear: “What will happen to us? What’s going on, why do we die?”

I have met Kabbalists in my life that existed in the sensation of both worlds, and interestingly, their perception of the world was completely different. They absolutely did not suffer from the fact that they must die, and they knew beforehand that they were dying.

My teacher Rabash explained this very simply: “As in the evening you take off your dirty shirt and throw it into the wash, the same feeling is created when you finish this life.”

You remain in the upper world, which you discovered in this life, and therefore nothing leaves you. You simply part with your little animal part, which once existed and which constantly bored you, and now you must feed your “animal,” then wash it, then put it to bed, etc.

But as soon as you began to comprehend the upper world, the most important thing for you was its feeling: how to expand it, how to diversify, and how to raise it. This you continue to do.

The person who studies Kabbalah must attain the sensation of the highest degree. In our time, everyone can do it. And then we will no longer have any fear of parting with our animal body.
From the Talk with the Learning Center Students, 5/21/17

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