Love Of Others, Why Do We Need It?

laitman_260Why do you need to go through love for the created beings in order to reach love for the Creator? Everyone agrees with loving the Creator because this is the upper force that created and controls everything. It is beneficial for us to love and befriend such a force for selfish reasons. As for the created beings, it is the other way around: we dislike them and think that they are unnecessary. Sometimes we even dream of having no one else left in the world. It is not only in dreams, but in regular life, everyone thinks only about himself and takes into account only his own benefit.

Love for the created beings is something completely artificial; why do we even need it? Even if we come up with all sorts of reasons why we should love each other and agree that we should be in mutual harmony with everyone in our mind, this will still remain to be only good intentions. In reality, this will never work because our nature will not let us love or even simply unite in a friendly way.

Why did the Creator make it so that we have to be opposite Him? If we want to reach perfection, rise to the level of the Creator who includes the entirety of creation inside Himself, we have to acquire His properties. That is, we have to consist of both properties, and therefore, the Creator originally created us in an opposite form so that above this oppositeness we would come to His likeness.

It follows that a person has to include two opposite qualities within: below—our corporeal trajectory with all kinds of obstacles (this world, our problems, desire to receive), and we have to try to be above it, fully confident in “There is none else besides Him,” the upper force, the upper world, bestowal. As a result of incorporating these two parts, we receive a third line in which the other two exist in harmony and balance. This is how we achieve adhesion with the Creator.

We achieve adhesion with the Creator while possessing two natures: one that is opposite the Creator, and one supporting Him. Thus, remaining a creation, we achieve similarity with the Creator. Also, the path to this goal is through love for the created beings, and only from there, to love for the Creator.

Above all obstacles that the Creator presents to us in this world, in our life, internal and external problems, we hold on to one principle: “There is none else besides Him,” we strengthen each other, and then start realizing the need to rise above our senses, as it is written: “They have eyes but see not, they have ears but hear not.” Above all that, we must determine that everything comes from the Creator and not so that we would correct the world, but only so that we would relate everything to the Creator. This is what our correction entails.

We do not address this world, we do not want to change anything about it: neither the nature of a person, nor the relations between everyone. The only thing that changes is our attitude, the recognition that everything comes from the Creator—this is what defines the correction. When we determine that, we realize the necessity of love for the created beings, starting from the friends and expanding this feeling for the entire world.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From Love for the Created Beings to The Love for the Creator”
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