Recognizing The Need For Your Correction

laitman_231.02To be in mourning is to acknowledge the pain in your heart, which comes from recognizing the need for your own correction. It is impossible to correct anything prior to revealing the damage. We mourn not according to a date on the calendar, but according to the state that is preparing us for correction. That is why there is a date that reminds us of this. In reality, correction can be carried out on any date and it is not necessary to wait for the 17th of Tammuz for this to occur.

Behind the history and geography of the material city of Jerusalem (the stone wall and the destroyed building), we must see what’s most important: spiritual understanding, our obligation to unite our desires, intentions, and thoughts. This will be the correction of the vessel of our collective soul shattered by the sin of the Tree of Knowledge.

This shattering was not done by man, but by the Creator, as our preparation. Now we must correct it; collect all the parts together so that within this vessel we can discover who and what our Creator is. By revealing Him, we attain His qualities and thoughts in our minds and hearts, achieving correction. Of course, the essence of the correction is for us to become exactly like the Creator and not to think about anything material.

Then we will reveal that everything in this world was an imaginary reality that really does not exist. We do all this only in order to correct the shattering. The Creator created a state opposite to Himself so that from it, we reveal Him.1

The sin of the Tree of Knowledge was orchestrated by the Creator because, without it, it is impossible to achieve correction. The first man, Adam, was in bestowal as in an angel that had no revelation of the evil inclination. There was no creation yet, in other words, that which transcends the limits of divinity, bestowal. That is why an action was needed to bring the person out of it, which was exactly what was intentionally done from above.

Everything else is just the revelation of opportunities for correction, which creation was not ready for. The first shattering is the revelation of evil and and all other ruins and problems are the disclosure of our weakness and inability to correct the division. The ruin of the First and the Second Temples, the entire exile and suffering, was meant to be revealed so that we understand how exactly to correct our Kli, with what power, in what form. These events, however, were no longer pre-programmed from above. They were elicited by man’s weakness, and that is why they relate to the creation and not to the Creator.2

The ruin of the Temple is relevant to the whole of humanity, regardless of nationality or place of residence. We must correct it through our unity. The greater our degree of unity, the greater the shattering we will discover—the force of evil against the force of good—and then we will rise upon these levels as upon the rungs of a ladder.3

Bein HaMetzarim (“Between the straights”) is a person’s state, a period when he cannot bring his intentions to the Creator, especially through the group. There are many people in this world who want to connect to the upper force directly. The problem is that this type of appeal does not reach the Creator since it does not traverse the correct Kli.

“Between the straights” is a time when the connection between me, the group, and the Creator is shattered. Even in this state, however, we must cry out to the Creator because this is the revelation of evil, as it is written: “From the straits I called God” (Psalms 118:5). In other words, we discover that we are in a critical state and therefore we can now scream.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Period of ‘Between the Straits’”
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