The Path Toward The Light Passes Between The Straights

laitman_209The difference between the most mournful, bitter day, and sweetest and most joyful, is in essence, determined by our relationship to the conditions presented to us. We can look on these conditions and perceive them through our egoism, through the evil inclination, or we can perceive them through the quality of bestowal, through the good; in other words, we can perceive through separation or through unity. The same Light, which should have been revealed within unity, reveals within the shattering and results in tragic effects.

We cannot blame the upper force for our suffering because everything depends only on the vessels into which we receive. What descends to us from above is always the same: the upper Light, loving kindness and mercy, but the result is always determined simply by how much we are in equivalence of form with this upper Light.

During this particular time, the same Light shines as the one that brought about the destruction. However, it was meant to bring about correction if the sin of the golden calf and the shattering of the tablets had not occurred. This is how we must always relate to whatever is occurring—with the understanding that everything depends on our unity. In our unity, we can receive the influence from above in its correct form, in the correct Kli.

If we are not ready for this, then that great Light, which should have filled the correct Kli and brought us joy, advancement, and attainment, brings us destruction and suffering instead. Everything depends on us.1

The wall does not protect us from the infiltration of evil from the outside because the Light of the Creator is the only thing that is being revealed outside. The wall protects us from ourselves, from our egoistic desires. A desire can be for or against unity; this is considered as internal and external in the wisdom of Kabbalah. In this Light, we must see all such concepts as the “city,” the “wall,” and the “enemies” who attack us.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Period of ‘Between the Straits’”
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