Everything Only Through Prayer

laitman_293One can achieve everything only through prayer. This is how one needs to react to everything that happens: if there is none else besides the Creator, then I need to ask only Him and demand from Him. This is the only correct reaction.

We, on the contrary, do a lot of unnecessary actions. In the end, they still lead us to the same conclusion that we need only turn to the Creator, but it is a much longer path. If we do not do that, and search for all sorts of tricks and other means, then there is no other way but to add more and more burden to the heart in all possible forms. This process will continue until a person screams: “Please save me!” The group then begins to pray and ask for him. This means that “the friends save him from confinement,” and he commits them to prayer.

We should understand in our hearts that everything can be resolved only by prayer. Everything happening to us comes from the Creator and we have to immediately turn back to Him. That is how we work all the time: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” There is nothing in between. This is very difficult to do because egoism does not let us turn to the Creator. Egoism is our “help against Him,” given to us purposely so that we reveal that above all forms of separation, the Creator is the source of both correction and separation. There is none else besides Him.

By this we build an internal system, also called “There is none else besides Him,” connecting all the broken parts so as to establish connection with the Creator. To do this, we need not perform other secondary actions. All we need to do is collect and build the common system above ever-revealing separation and to relate everything—past, present, and future—to the Creator.1
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/29/18
1 Minute 7.00

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