Discovering The Greatness Of The Creator

laitman_263There is nothing in reality other than the Creator and the created beings. Therefore, all the created beings need to do is discover the Creator. It is possible to discover Him only from feeling a deficiency for Him because we feel everything only in the measure of deficiency.

Initially we do not feel any deficiency for the Creator: we are in concealment. This is the entire difficulty because we want to work against the concealment of the Creator: wanting something we do not want and yearning for something we do not yearn for. Therefore, the entire work is in concealment. The Creator is hidden and His greatness is also hidden from us.

In fact, the Creator could easily reveal His greatness to the created beings. Then the created beings would understand that they are completely dependent on the upper one. In this case, all the created beings would obviously run to the Creator and be fully devoted to Him. After all, there is nothing more beneficial than connecting to the source of life.

However, the Creator wants the created beings to be devoted to Him not because they depend on Him, but because of their consciousness and awareness of His greatness and uniqueness. That is, they will adhere to Him not as the source of their existence, but due to His qualities of bestowal and love.

This is the only reason that the created beings want the Creator. There is a special condition here: the Creator is revealed only if the created being aspires to Him because of His greatness and uniqueness.

Initially this does not apply to a person in any way. He does not feel any need for these qualities, but gradually he begins to appreciate them as the most important ones. Thus, he begins to work with the soul’s devotion, where the fact that his corporeal life (and even his very existence) depends on the Creator is no longer important to him. He is ready to give all of it up in order to acquire the Creator’s qualities of bestowal and love.

This comes not due to any personal gain of the created being, but rather from his appreciation of the greatness and uniqueness of the Creator. In this intention to bestow to each other, the Creator and the created being rise above personal gain.

The Creator seemingly sends us problems of different intensities, from tiny things up to the greatest ones. The created being, however, needs to rise above all these problems in his attitude to the Creator in order to show that there is nothing personal in their relationship. Neither of them wants to receive any personal gain, comfort, or pleasant sensation from the other. All they receive from each other is an opportunity to prove that they are above personal egoistic filling in the heart and in the mind, and that they care only for the benefit of the other. That is, the created being acts for the benefit of the Creator and the Creator acts for the benefit of the created being so that eventually they come to complete, unconditional love, which definitely does not include any personal calculation.1

Due to the fact that we are constantly making efforts to connect with the friends, even artificially, and overcome the burdening of the heart, we are building ourselves. Although we do it all at the corporeal level in order to unite in the corporeal form, we receive a spiritual Kli in return that is not built from our efforts, from our earthly heart or mind.

This is how we rise. The corporeal heart and mind stay on the corporeal animalistic degree, and the efforts are just a preparation to receive a force of faith, within which we will be able to discover ourselves in one soul. This is a completely different feeling. After all, faith belongs to spirituality.

In spirituality, no one feels himself as existing separately, on his own, but only together. This is a new concept. This common “I” where all connect as one is called a man (Adam).2

We need to give a full measure of exertion against our egoistic desire. However, these exertions on their own do not build anything spiritual but only create conditions for receiving the spiritual vessel. The spiritual vessel is not built from our corporeal efforts, but these efforts are necessary in order to receive the quality of Bina—the soul—from above.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on 5/17/18, Lesson on the Topic, “The Greatness of the Creator”
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