What Does The Teacher’s Greatness Depend On?

laitman_588_03Question: Why is the teacher’s true greatness always concealed from us?

Answer: Because you cannot see anything.

Take me, for example, your teacher, you can look at me as much as like, but you will not see any greatness in me.

You will only see an old man who very much wants people to begin studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, not from his books but according to the original sources of Baal HaSulam and Rabash. You can take The Book of Zohar and the writings of the ARI, go ahead, but they are much more difficult and distant from us.

I am simply an expert, up to a certain level, of the method of getting closer to the Creator! A methodologist! And this is what I teach you.

The teacher’s greatness, just like the Creator’s greatness, depends on the student. The Creator is revealed to us only according to our feeling of His greatness. Why is He concealed? Because you don’t think highly of Him.

It is the same with the teacher, to the same degree. How do you know your teacher? You don’t know him. Therefore, everything depends on his greatness in your eyes. Only on that!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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  1. I would like to write a few words; 6-7 years ago I for the first time read from this Blog some answer to question: “…… Student is a person that follows his teacher step by step………..”. I had no doubts, embarrassment or another question. I remember how I was full of energy (the sky was so clear) go on in my life. Sometimes I have to leave my town to fieldwork and I have no access to the Internet – I feel so hungry, hungry for my teacher ´s touch!
    And “photos of an old man” – I play the game: sometime “the old man” is smiling (I am smiling too), another time, he is frowning (I immediately become serious). But in fact, my teacher is the only one! I feel infinite joy that we were allowed to meet! I can see his greatness in my daily routine.

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