My Thoughts On Twitter 7/18/18

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The situation in the world has become so menacing that it forced #Trump and #Putin to agree to meet—not to settle personal differences, but to prevent a global collapse.

Trump’s program and objective derive from the strategic economy. The US has only their own market, because the production is exported abroad. Hence, the country can operate only with duties, balancing its markets with foreign manufactures. Trump’s action exactly.

In our brain, there is a small operating memory. All memory is outside of us. In one and a half years, the RAHU received from the ARI not the content for dozens of books on Kabbalah, but a technique to connect to the Soul. Later, he presented these materials in his books.

The teacher taught how to connect to the Soul and receive information from it. This is the Book of Heaven. The teacher who was providing the connection points to link with the Soul, the Book of Heaven; whereas the student, by doing his work, connected to the common memory.

Memory is not a memory zone in our brain. We connect to a common brain that is in a common desire. A person who is connected with it, receives information therefrom. When he disconnects, he forgets. Therefore, in the past they did not write anything down.

We are at the beginning of the era of change—not the external, but the internal one. The crisis is in us, in our lack of understanding of what exactly we need to change. As well predicted by Kabbalah, it’s time for man to adapt to nature, not the other way around.

Kabbalists experience the Creator as:
-the source of all events, which they call revelation “geula
-a weakness, concealment, which they call exile, “galut.”
The Heart is the Temple:
it is occupied either by the Creator, love of others, or by an idol, selfishness.
From Twitter, 7/18/18

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