Thai Boys Rescue

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/8/18

The world is heaving a sigh of relief. After two gut-wrenching weeks, four boys were rescued from the cave in North Thailand. Yet, tension is still at its peak as eight more boys are trapped in the cave with their coach, where oxygen levels are gradually declining and water levels are threatening to rise.

Two weeks ago this dramatic portrayal would have sounded like a trailer for a blockbuster thriller. But as the script became reality, the media channels around the world are doing their best to keep us biting our nails while watching.

So what is truly driving the explosion of interest in this story? An earnest human concern or curiosity? How much do we truly fear for the fate of the Thai children? Did news about the nearly one hundred Japanese who died today due to record floods also make us similarly anxious? Or did it not have enough drama to reach our awareness?

Surely, we are addicted to sensationalism. Media producers are well aware of it, and knowingly use it to boost their ratings. They will prioritize the story that keeps us glued to the screen. And the rating counter doesn’t differentiate between the Thai cave incident and a popular world cup soccer match.

That being said, a dramatic event of global proportions does capture our common attention in a unique way. We watch, follow and even worry about it together, and without noticing, we are gradually fused into a common humanity. We are getting used to our common life as a global village.

Emotionally speaking, we aren’t there yet. But that is news to come.

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