My Thoughts On Twitter 7/20/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Only with a request can one get help from above—the force to resist the desire for self-pleasure, which allows one to rise above the ego and stay above it in faith above reason. So, the entire work is solely in the request! This is the only channel connecting us with the Creator.

Liberalism is dead
With our qualities, we can’t change the world for the better. But people will come to realize that we must live above the evil nature. This must be the 1st amendment to the Constitution. We must start scrubbing our hearts. Such a constitution will bring us to good.

Escape from #Facebook
We need a genuine social network with the main message being—to unite over our differences.
People will never resolve their conflicts, but we can find common interests on a higher level, in our collective ascent above ourselves.
From Twitter, 7/20/18

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