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The 9th of Av is a day of mourning for the broken collective soul abandoned by the Creator’s upper light. We don’t wish for Him to return, to restore the broken soul—that is the destruction and the crime to regret. You have to lament the ruined Temple, the broken soul, within you.

The Treatise of Jonah: The 2nd Temple was destroyed by unreasonable hatred. Despite studying the Torah, Commandments, Charity—not selflessly, but for a reward. This means their efforts were not for unity. That’s why their work turned from the elixir of life into a deadly poison.

The destruction of the Temple occurs daily: If it is not spiritually restored—it is still in ruins! This is easy to see in our relationships: Not only do we not wish to be closer, but we constantly reject each other—thereby distancing the Upper Light of goodness and love.

We don’t want to correct ego-nature and build good relationships, the Temple. It’s done thru the awareness of the destruction. We don’t want unity, for we are the outcome of destruction. Hence, everyone understands self-interest and builds well-being on the destruction of others.
From Twitter, 7/23/18

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