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When our actions engage the light, we feel changes. By studying and disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah and working in the group, we notice that we grow worse, see evil in ourselves and around, have ups and downs with respect to the properties of bestowal, connection, love, the Creator.

Ordinary #egoism is not an evil inclination, but our nature, in which we are born and grow. If a person does not engage in Kabbalah, he has neither a good, nor bad effect on his nature. After all, a change in one’s nature occurs only with the help of the light that created it.

Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: Each state lasts until the evil in it ripens to the extent that it becomes unbearable, at which point it will have to be destroyed, and a better one built in its place. Thus the states alternate, until they become evil-free.

Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: Each state has a strictly defined length of time, required for the growth of the degree of evil contained in this state, to such an extent that society can no longer bear it.

#BaalHaSulam Evaluation of good and evil depends on the goal of creation: every state nearing the goal is positive and distancing from the goal—negative. The law of development says that a defect and sin included in a certain state cause the appearance and construction of a good state.

Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: The law of development embossed in mankind by the Creator pushes us forth. Incorrect behaviors themselves engender and create positive states. In fact, each good state is nothing but the fruit of the labor of a previous negative state.

Baal HaSulam: The Creator made the world for people so that with His help they reach the exalted goal of merging with Him. All that the Creator predetermined in the creation and gave to people was not given as a gift. The Creator secured our reaching His goal with a guarantee.

#BaalHaSulam, “The Peace”: Circulation of souls. Although it seems that everything that exists disappears, there are circulations; and no particle is at rest, for it is in constant motion in the circulation of the change of form, all the while losing none of its essence along the way.

#BaalHaSulam—Souls don’t disappear, but change the desire-bodies until final correction. There are no new fulfilled souls that get renewed like body-desires. A certain number of desire-souls undergo incarnations in a changed form, dressing in new desire-bodies in a new generation

The Galei TZAHAL radio station issued an apology for broadcasting 2 news stories in January 2017 in the “Good Morning, Israel” show slandering the non-profit Bnei Baruch—Kabbalah L’Am Organization.
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