Transferring The Knowledge By Word Of Mouth

laitman_232.08Question: Do we consider our lessons to be acquiring knowledge by word of mouth?

Answer: No. To convey something by word of mouth is the highest degree, a spiritual action called a “kiss” (Neshikin), when two people obtain a common screen.

It has no connection to the physical human body, to our lips or kisses; it is only described using these terms because there are no words in spirituality—we use all the words from our world.

If we achieve this conjugation, when both our screens connect and work precisely in unison at the level of the highest part of our common Partzuf, our common soul (HBD), then we are in a relationship “in a mutual kiss.”

This is an interconnection between two people: a student and a teacher, two students and two teachers, between anyone, at the highest level of their attainment (HBD).
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian 3/11/18

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