How To Start Hearing The Teacher

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt’s impossible to advance correctly if you are guided by your own opinion because you are entirely in this world. You will be able to grow only if you discover the existences of two distinct opinions: You will hear your own opinion and the teacher’s opinion, will understand the difference between them, and will compare them with each other so as to always go by faith above reason and accept the teacher’s view.

You need to choose and advance all the time, preferring the teacher’s opinion to your own in spite of your increasingly greater egoism and all your inner doubts and arguments, regardless of the supposedly obvious facts and common logic that tells you that you are not going by your reason, but below or above it.

If a person can cope with all these problems, he will be able to advance. If not, he has no chance of success. Thus, only a few reach the spiritual world.

In order to survive such inner struggle and go against our logic all the time, we need the support of the group which always strengthens the teacher’s authority. This means that it’s necessary to lower ourselves before the group to receive from it the strength to defeat our personal opinion and accept the teacher’s.

There are three participants in the work: the person, the teacher, and the group. All this is necessary to reach the revelation of the Creator (who can be revealed from the opposite side as well) so that the opinion of the teacher and that of the Creator unite into one. Then, a person will be able to advance, having understood that the group and the teacher are the representatives of the Creator in relation to him. Thus, the person has to figure out all his concepts, evaluations, and choice only relative to them.

If you are lucky, you will do this and move forward; if not, you will not even feel that you are not making the correct choice and are not moving in the right direction. You will not have any scale on which you could measure this.

When do “words that come from the heart enter the heart?” If you correctly establish your opinion in relation to the teacher’s, you will begin to hear what the teacher is telling.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/11Shamati #25

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One Comment

  1. I must add something. I don’t think it is necessary to go against logic, but it is necessary to not just go by logic alone. Logic alone serves a persons current desires, as the mind works for the heart per say. If logic goes with the heart though, then the over all guidance is above reason, beyond it, larger than just reason. To go against reason is to say there is no place for it, and there is a place for all things in infinity. Instead perhaps we need to acquire super logic which can work with emotion and the heart.

    Perhaps what is needed is serious reflection on what we want and how we are justifying it logically. Then we will see that logic is the power to enact a desire, but not the desire itself. Learning to know what we want, and how to acquire additional tastes, is actually a very logical process, but it functions differently than most. The logic is the coherence, and understanding, and wisdom, that is able to effectively learn and develop in order to acquire the bestowing desire. It is important for us to listen to our teachers I agree. But I must say, I for one will never simply believe, it is too dangerous for everyone. Everything must be checked and rechecked and evolved again and again, that way we keep advancing. Lest we think we have put infinity in a bottle, the primordial flaw that always has broken these efforts in the past.

    With utmost respect, I will always be weary of statements removing part of the tree, or acting against one part or another. All together now, only together.

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