Spirituality Cannot Be Expressed In Words

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I need to nullify myself before the teacher’s opinion, is it correct that some friends say that they are only willing to do what the teacher, but not any other management, tells them?

Answer: A teacher shouldn’t be anyone’s personal manager. He shouldn’t be explaining to everyone what it is he wants from them. He can be almost as concealed as the Creator and not say anything at all. Whoever is willing can nullify himself on his own and reveal the teacher’s opinion.

This can be observed from the behavior of the Kabbalists of the past, the group in Kotzk or Baal HaSulam who only gave a lesson to his students once a week or even once a month. A teacher reveals his opinion ever so slightly, and the rest is the student’s work. If the student understands what to look for, how to reveal the teacher’s opinion to help aim himself toward the goal, he will be able to do it. Otherwise, he will not.

Spirituality cannot be expressed in words. How could you possibly explain how to direct your heart toward the goal?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/11Shamati #25

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  1. No words can express it as nothing can touch infinity directly. But we can build ‘pointers’, arrows, that all point in that general direction, and if there are enough (say two or three) they intersect in infinity and this is actually quite good enough. It is done in mathematics and programming. Infinity is actually quite revealed in mathematics and calculus.

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