Annulment Of The Student Before The Teacher

laitman_253Question: What is the annulment of the student before the teacher?

Answer: In order to receive from the teacher, you have to annul yourself before him. This is a necessary condition. What does it mean to annul, not like in ordinary life that has nothing to do with spirituality, but in what relates to your spiritual qualities?

You must annul them, become zero, “enter” into the teacher, and then you will be fully at his disposal and he will create your next spiritual state out of you.

When a mother breastfeeds her baby, he sucks milk, receiving his sustenance, thanks to which he lives. It is the same here—a disciple must receive his sustenance from the teacher and therefore he is obliged to annul himself, to open his mouth and receive.

Question: Do you remember the first time you had to annul yourself before Rabash? How was this expressed?

Answer: Perhaps it was much easier for me because I wanted very much to have a teacher who would tell me everything possible. Besides, Rabash spoke very little and I had to somehow understand, guess, and extract details.

But in principle, you search for how you can become inconspicuous next to him so that everything that is in him would be automatically transferred into you.

Question: Was it hard or desirable for you?

Answer: At first it was very desirable. I wanted nothing else, only to enter his “cave” and sit next to him.

Then it became more difficult because egoism was constantly growing in order to rise above it, to reach such a coarseness of egoistic desire to annul and in it receive everything the teacher wants to give. Therefore, egoism should grow constantly, and rejection becomes stronger and stronger.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/1/17

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