How To Feel Perfection?

laitman_938.04Question: It is said that the Light is at rest and in perfection. How pleasant is it to feel perfection? Why does perfection posses an attractive power?

Answer: The perfection that Kabbalists speak about is not what we consider to be perfection in our world. In Kabbalah it is the quality of bestowal, feeling what others feel, having a sense of their desires and filling them.

Question: Is it possible to imagine the quality of bestowal existing in this world?

Answer: By working together in a group, we can reach the state where we begin to feel others with the help of the upper Light.

It is not even about others; they were also created for the purpose of exiting themselves and beginning to feel the upper world. Everything around me was not created so that I would bestow. It is not about bestowal; the Creator could fulfill everything and give.

The problem is to help me find independent organs of sensation to feel everything that is outside of me—not inside yourself, but outside yourself. After all, everything we feel passes through our self-serving egoistic filtering machine and what remains after filtration is called “this world,” “our world.”

To feel the world outside of us, existing before the filter, we are given a group, and we must try to work for it. During such attempts, the upper Light acts on us and we begin to feel what is outside of us. Thus, we gradually begin to comprehend a new dimension that is higher than our egoism, and thus it is called “the upper world.” So, we enter a completely different realm, one of eternity and perfection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/19/17

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