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One’s #1 request to the Creator is for help to go by faith above reason, joyfully, as if one has attained the quality of bestowal. Though the Ego doesn’t agree, ask the Creator not to feel His greatness to bestow in joy, but rather to receive joy in bestowal, as if one has reason

The Jewish nation lasted not only for 3 generations, but for 2,000 years in exile despite all geopolitical laws. The Jewish nation’s prolonged existence and others’ hatred toward it make it an irrational thing.
Question: Where does this irrational hatred come from?

Spiritual life begins from the state of “Embryo,” like the conception of life in our world. If one strives to annul one’s opinion, REASON, and adopt the Kabbalist’s opinion, FAITH ABOVE REASON, he becomes like an embryo—deaf and blind… and then he’s born!

Attraction and repulsion –
Opposite forces –
Give birth to reason and freedom
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From Twitter, 8/20/18

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