My Thoughts On Twitter 8/19/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Working #Faithabovereason, I must know that I feel the Creator. He fills my sensations. All my states, actions and thoughts are from Him. He always leads me to Him by the best path. I must see all that happens, in me and outside me, as the best setting for me to react correctly.

Waking up, I instantly evoke my connection with the Creator and lock us together. Then I proceed as if on an autopilot: all is from Him; I guard our connection despite the obstacles. The Creator uses them to teach me to keep in contact with Him—until I arrive at the full adhesion.

We all live inside a game.
Kabbalah talks only about this: how we should achieve the real, true, correct future!
We have to create our future, put it together out of blocks, discerning that what matters most are the relationships between us, in a world that we can make wonderful.

A person is a small world.
He is made up of all the qualities in the world.
If he wants to see the #world a certain way—
He should organize himself inside himself that way!
From Twitter, 8/19/18

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