The Connection Between Teacher And Student

Laitman_721.01Question: Does a Kabbalist teacher choose his students himself or does a student pursue the teacher and ask to be taught?

Answer: It isn’t either of those ways. The teacher and the student are determined from above. They are brought closer to each other so that the relationship is established at a certain distance. As they engage with connection to the Creator, the student gets closer to the teacher.

Question: Did Rabash come and take you from your first teacher Hillel?

Answer: Yes, because I could not leave Hillel by myself. I could not tear myself away from him because my egoism received pleasure, answers, and fulfillments that were indescribable.

And with Rabash, it was the opposite. He sat down and opened Talmud Eser Sefirot. I barely understood a word. Rabash, I, and several other people sat and read throughout the lesson. Here we were dealing with the attraction of the upper Light according to our intention. And with Hillel, I was simply engaged in obtaining knowledge.

Question: What are the connections between a student and a teacher?

Answer: There is a connection between them only through the Creator, nothing else. Everything moves through them for the sake of attaining the higher goal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/1/17

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