Outcome Of The Congress “Absorbed In The Upper One”

laitman_938.04Outcome of the congress: the conclusion that “There is none else besides the Creator.” We have to decide this every moment of our lives, being certain that He is good that does good, meaning, we justify Him in all His actions.

This is the very first condition with which the science of Kabbalah begins, with the article “There Is None Else Besides Him,” and all that is required of us on the path is to establish only this. The only things that change are the conditions, our inner and outer states. (In reality there is only one state, but we perceive its division into inner and outer states.)

In order to start living within the principle “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good,” one must work in a group of ten people. And this state starts from the stage of an “embryo” (Ubur) in which I annul myself in everything to the principle “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good”.

It means that I adhere to the upper one in any circumstance that He puts in front of me, completely annulling myself. In this way I become a spiritual embryo.

This is the state that we are trying to achieve, and this is why we spoke only about this during the congress: how to realize this state, what our relationships should be in the group, what each one owes the others, etc. It was all about how to reach the state “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good” on the level of an embryo.

Why did we take such a long time speaking about something that could be articulated in half a minute? The thing is that this state is realized not in a single person, but in the connections between many of us. While inside this connection, problems begin, because this is where we reveal our breakage.

All the work in establishing the principle “There is none else beside Him, the good that does good” is in tying the broken desires into it, so that it would be realized between us. It is between us, not in each one of us.

It is not enough to say that I adhered to the Creator, that I woke up in the morning with the thought of Him and accepted everything that happens as coming from Him. It is sufficient for now, but it is an abstract idea, not a practical action. However, if I want to actually realize this principle in its correct state, I have to fulfill it in the group. This is what the entire work is about.

Therefore it is necessary for us to have a congress for the mutual work. It is not enough to read the articles alone or even learn it by heart because the main thing is in realizing it between us. Together we begin to extract more and more information from the articles, and each time we perceive them anew: more and more deeply.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/18, Lesson on Topic: “The Work in Wholeness, at the Entrance of Ibur (Conception)”

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