The Essence of The Spiritual Work

Laitman_101All the states that we undergo in the spiritual work are forms of our connection with the Creator; each time they are different. Although it seems to us that we are at work or with family, at home or on the street, going or flying somewhere—all this is our imagination at play.

In reality, these are depictions of our connection with the Creator, which take on different forms of external circumstances. There is nothing other than that!

Therefore, all my work is to determine the true state: to understand that I am in connection with the Creator and that I must discover Him as the first, the one who creates this state for me, and the last, as I have to reach the state of “None else besides Him.”

I have to determine that He really assembled this state for me, He organized it and gave it to me so that based on all the currently available facts, to the extent of the breaking that is revealed in me, I would establish that everything comes from Him, starting with the preparation and ending with the state where I connect with the Creator, to the extent possible at the moment.

This is our work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/17, Lesson on Topic: “The Hardening of the Heart at the Entrance to Ibur (Conception)”

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