How The Spiritual Embryo Grows

laitman_232.07We need to understand what is involved in advancing along the path of the Creator. We think that overcoming is that we actually overcome the obstacles and by that we are rising and growing. But it is actually the opposite: the exertion of effort is in maintaining the point of adhesion with the Creator above all the difficulties and problems.

When I achieve the point where I annul myself before the upper, I enter the state called embryo, and that is how I remain, always

in this point. And no matter how many alien thoughts and problems arise, I must understand that all of them come from “There is none else besides Him,” and I must only annul myself above all the extraneous thoughts, events, and influences that are descending upon me.

And to the extent to which I continue to annul myself before the Creator more and more, I expand my adhesion with Him—from the first point called “embryo” and onward; it is as if my point of embryo expands; in other words, that same original seed grows and I fill all the alien desires and thoughts that arise within me with the power of faith and the force of bestowal. That is how the embryo grows.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/08/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Holding Onto the State of Entering Ibur (Conception),” “Above All Disturbances”

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