Positive Egoism

laitman_562.02Question from Facebook: Is there a positive egoistic force?

Answer: No. Egoism cannot be positive because it detaches a person from any collective, from community, from connection, from nature. At the same time, the direction of human thought is only for oneself, for one’s own sake. Therefore, it cannot be positive because it is in the opposite direction from the general force of nature—from the Creator.

Question: So is it always destructive?

Answer: Always. It is good only when a person is in the initial stages of his development, like a small child. We allow him everything: we let him use his ego because it is necessary for his development. And then, from the age of 13 to 15, he must already control himself as an adult. And we begin to demand more and more from him.

It is similar to our spiritual development. At first, we were egoistic and went through a long egoistic path for thousands of years.

But now the egoistic progress is already coming to its end and we are obliged to start the next, completely different half of our existence—the altruistic one. Just as a person is considered a child, say, up to 15 years of age and then must lead the life of an adult.

We see that egoism has ended its development.

Question: What is progress now?

Answer: It is only a person’s transformation from an egotist to an altruist, when he will render himself and the whole world as a single whole. Only then can we properly and beautifully exist and evolve. Otherwise, we will lead ourselves to destruction.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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