How Many Years Does It Take To Become A Kabbalist?

laitman_567_01Question: It takes quite a few years to understand a certain field of science in our world. Since the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science, how long does it take to attain the right perception of reality?

Answer: It takes about twenty years of serious study in order to become a true Kabbalistic scientist. It may take less time, but I don’t want people to have any false hopes or illusions.

The goal is not to fill auditoriums for no reason and not to bother people who are busy. If someone truly wants it, he must approach the wisdom of Kabbalah like a science since, after all, a person doesn’t study a science in order to write a thesis, to receive a medal, or to boast of his doctoral degree.

Question: Studying for an academic degree takes five years, then another five years to write a master’s thesis, and another five years for the doctorate. Then, there is a chance that a person might receive a Nobel Prize.

Answer: Ordinary scientists are encouraged by society, but studying the wisdom of Kabbalah is different. A person who dedicates twenty years of his life, or even his entire life, to studying the wisdom of Kabbalah at least will know what he is living for.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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  1. Very Nice. Very True. After a few years of reading this material and searching for more material (and never getting bored) one does begin to understand the depth of the subject and the impossibility of truly attaining it without more than most of us can possibly give. However,… no matter…, there is something about it that slowly changes the way a person looks at the world and their own environment and themselves…and that, in itself, is a very valuable and satisfying thing.

  2. I remember when Laitman says that in only five year you can croos the barrier.And go to a congress it’s like studying for 10 years. It was very funny. At least now he say the true. It’s a stile of life for becoming a saint ,a person who gives everything for the others.

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