Energy From Thin Air

laitman_294.1The egoistic desire works perfectly in this world when it clearly sees a reward in front of it, can weigh the benefits of its actions, and then decide where and how much to exert. Egoism can fight for a reward.

However, when it comes to the desire to bestow, we have no strength to produce it. We see no reward and have no motivation to act. It turns out that the need to perform an action for the sake of bestowal cancels the desire to receive in us, and we cannot move with it. We feel as if we have no arms, no legs, no head, and no energy. If there is no motivation, then I cannot move, I’ll just stay in bed.

I need some kind of incentive to get up. Problems then come along that afflict me. I then realize that problems are, in fact, good for me, because they wake me up to act.

If we do not work with our desire to receive, then we can’t do anything. Everything would stop. Imagine the desire to receive, egoism—the world’s foundation, every atom and particle—suddenly switched off all over the world. The world would remain completely motionless because movement takes place to fulfill a deficiency. If the ego does not want anything, it will remain inactive.

The world would stop. There would be complete silence, and this means that everything would disappear. If electrons stopped spinning in an atom, it would disappear because it has nothing but these rotations, a deficiency. Only deficiency moves matter, and if deficiency disappeared, movement would stop and matter would disappear. Matter is a deficiency.

How is it possible to perform actions of bestowal? How can you build a second floor, an altruistic one, without stifling the material condition? Let matter continue to work, it does not interfere with us; on the contrary, it helps. After each ascent we will always fall to the corporeal level so that, from that level, we will rise even higher. How do we find a new fuel not based on the desire to receive, but on the desire to bestow?

How can we want to bestow? This is the main question. Its answer is the key to success because humanity has developed enough in order to reach the end of correction. The only question is how to find the force of bestowal in every state. This force already exists, but we need to extract it. It will not come by itself, otherwise it would have been revealed in the world long ago.

The need for it is already inherent in a person because everyone asks, “What kind of life is this? What are we living for? What is the point?” Yet, it goes no further because even the force of bestowal we want to receive egotistically, but it does not come in this way.

The question is what kind of mechanism should we build in order to receive the force of bestowal through it, which would fill the whole of reality? Astrophysicists say that there is energy that fills the entire universe. We think that space is a vacuum, but in fact, it is full of energy.

They are now trying to extract this information in the writings of the famous researcher Tesla who kept them secret in his time. They think that he found a way to get energy directly from air. Indeed, it is not an empty space, it is full of energy. The question is how to open this energy source? Instructions for how to do this is in front of us—it is a Kabbalistic book.

The Kabbalist sages say that this energy can be received through the ten. Through the ten, we connect to the space filled with the force of bestowal, called “the Creator.” The ten works like a modem or an adapter connecting us to this concealed force.

This force will always remain in concealment. It is revealed only within the ten as if in a detector of this upper force. To the extent of my inclusion in the ten, my connection with it, and my efforts to awaken it to connection with the upper force, I receive this energy of bestowal. It is as if I insert my plug into the socket and start receiving energy. This is the only way it works.

Then we will discover that we are inside the field of the upper force, which “is good and does good.” It is the only force, nothing other than it exits. All the opposing forces are concentrated only within me in order to help me connect to this upper force and begin receiving energy from it.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4 /1/19, “Building The Future Society”
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