The Ten—A Special Kind Of Unity

laitman_940Question: How do Kabbalists describe the concept of connection and unity?

Answer: Connection and unity are mutual inclusion of one another in thoughts and feelings. Whatever one feels, the other feels also, whatever one thinks about, the other thinks about too. One can argue that thoughts and feelings can be mutually exclusive, but the fact is that when we want to unite, from being mutually exclusive, we become complementary. This produces an amazing effect!

Moreover, this is not just mutual completion. When we add up the “bricks,” we get an exponential return. We have n-dimensional space, but it has its limits.

Since each of us consists of 620 parts, those 620 parts in me and the 620 parts in you produce multiple mutual additions. They turn into another sphere, a composite field of perception, like a honeycomb. Although it is not yet integral, it is already moving toward it.

When we gather all our individual thoughts and feelings in the ten, they get combined such that they form a sphere. All our unique individual aspirations, narrow passages and tunnels, do not disappear; they turn into an integral system because of the inclusion of ten individuals into each other.

In the ten, we are like the upper world, which creates a totally different configuration out of us, similar to itself, and therefore, it becomes a complete integral sphere. If there were no similarity to the upper world and if it did not shape us out of many parts into a common integral system, we could not have achieved this on our own. Therefore, a ten is a special form of unity.

Question: How can those who feel justified hatred toward each other and who start by being mutually exclusive become complementary toward one another? This miracle of Kabbalah cannot be understood on this level of human consciousness.

Answer: This is truly a miracle. But a special kind of miracle and a great joy when people unite with each other. This is accompanied by experiencing a great surge, a release of energy, a flow of information and feelings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/8/18

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