Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 9/2/18

laitman_962.7Question: If I feel that many forces are working within and outside of me, how does this fit with the statement that “There is none else besides Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35)?

Answer: The Creator is an immense quantity of forces joined together into a single force field. But this is Him: one desire, one goal, and many forces that are connected together to bring everyone to a single state. Therefore, we are influenced by many forces, thoughts, and desires of various kinds.

Question: What difference does it make for the law of nature if I agree with its uniqueness or not?

Answer: The fact is that the thought of the Creator is to bring all creatures to a full connection with Him, to attain the same level of universal and integral existence as His.

Question: If representatives from Hollywood were to come to you and offer to make a movie about the Creator, what kind of picture would you show?

Answer: I would show a network of forces: how multifaceted and multidimensional they are. It is possible and necessary to talk about the Creator, gradually bringing awareness about Him to every person.

Question: In which circumstances can the Creator cut off the connection with me and take away the awareness that He manages everything?

Answer: Even if that happens, you must acknowledge that the Creator is doing this too. The main thing is to understand that it is from Him. Everything begins from that.

Question: Why do I get punished for my thoughts if they are not mine?

Answer: There are no punishments in the world! There is no reward either. There is simply learning, when a person is taught how to come to the revelation of the uniqueness of the Creator, because this is the only goal of our development.

Question: It is said that we were created according to the image and the likeness of the Creator. What do “image” and “likeness” mean?

Answer: This is not about a person in our world, but about the creation of Adam, that is, a system that fully resembles the Creator and exists according to His image and likeness.

Question: If the Creator manages me by sending me all kinds of thoughts, then does he bear responsibility for the consequences of the actions to which these thoughts that are sent by Him bring me?

Answer: Don’t worry about Him; He can bear responsibility for everything, even in regard to Himself.

Remark: Some people believe that the Creator you are talking about is not very reliable. And others say that if we pray to Him, He will help.

My Comment: But before He helps, He throws a mound of troubles and problems on them, and apparently, after that He helps. They have a good Creator, but He is somewhat inconsistent.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/2/18

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