Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/1/18

laitman_962.8Question: Every moment billions of changes take place in the world. If the world is portrayed differently for me according to changes in me, does this mean that I change every moment?

Answer: Yes, specifically you are the one who is changing every moment, and the world is a projection of yourself. You see outside what you feel within you as if it is happening in the surrounding world.

Question: If the higher governance is eternal and whole, how can it disappear when the general soul is corrected?

Answer: The higher governance does not disappear. Correction means my full integration into the higher governance.

Question: How do you know that the physical world will disappear? Did you feel similar states in your spiritual path?

Answer: First, that is what is written in the Kabbalistic sources. Second, a person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah feels this to a certain extent.

Question: What is the main criterion of agreement or disagreement with the Creator’s management?

Answer: In every state be happy, goodhearted, smiling, enjoying life, simple and easy. This is already acceptance of what the Creator does to you.

Question: You do not want to unite the egoists? I thought that the whole idea of Kabbalah was their unification.

Answer: It is impossible to unite egoists. It is necessary to elevate them above egoism and unite them at this level. Each one has different desires. We cannot unite in the desire to receive—only in the desire to bestow. We build the upper world in the juncture between the desires to bestow between us.

Question: A fisherman always sees a fisherman from afar. Is it possible to say this about Kabbalists?

Answer: Yes and no. The fact is that if a Kabbalist does not want it, you will not reveal him, you will not feel that he is a Kabbalist. On the other hand, if both of you want it, you can talk and exchange sensations of the upper world between you.

Question: How is it possible to rise above the ego while we are still in it? Is this like Baron Munchausen, who pulled himself out of the swamp?

Answer: No. For Baron Munchausen, there was no external power that could help him pull himself out of the swamp. And for us, there is such a power—the upper Light! We turn to it and it draws us out of the swamp.

Question: What is the most terrible thing for a Kabbalist: when he is not given the opportunity to talk to people about the Creator, that is, to engage in dissemination, or when his students cannot find a common language between them and they break up the group?

Answer: Breaking up the group is the most terrible thing because the inner part is the most subtle and the most vulnerable. But sometimes mistakes are needed in order to access decisions and solutions in a healthier way the next time.

Question: How can we understand correctly the response of the teacher—Kabbalist? When he says: “No” and scolds us, do we need to accept this directly?

Answer: In general, yes. You have to understand that he is acting this way for your benefit.
From The Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/1/18

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