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My Thoughts On Twitter 12/30/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

2019: Big economic problems created by the US #FederalReserve, to throw the country and world into a global crisis—then everyone will want to replace #Trump.
Though Trump follows the law of natural development, people aren’t acknowledging the evil of #egoism ….
… the readiness to eradicate it. This is the next stage in the development of the world. #NewYear

No-one is to blame for the #Holocaust. It’s just the failure of the Jewish people to fulfill their historic mission. As soon as the people falls, anti-Semites and fascists take the front stage.
— And what is the #Jewish fault?
— That they didn’t want to unite, as Rabbi Akiva said: Love your neighbor as yourself.

We are at the mercy of the egoistic nature. But we are granted the opportunity to escape its power—by revealing the greatness of the Creator against our ego. Now we live by the greatness of our egoism and work for it. It is the leader, inseparable from our “self.”

Q—What needs to be done to prevent the #Holocaust happening again?
A—Search for the root, why it happened, and then we’ll learn how to ensure that it won’t happen again.
Q—Do #Germans need to learn about this root?
A—Yes. It has to be introduced so that it doesn’t demean but elevate them.
Then they’ll accept it.

40% of the #German population have never heard of the #Holocaust.
—Why do people not want to know of the Holocaust?
—It’s humiliating, reproaching; it stings a person not for his past but his fathers’ & grandfathers’; he won’t cling to something unpleasant.
It will automatically rub off his memory.

All troubles and all good things come to the world through Israel since it is governed through Israel. If they unify themselves and the world with the Creator, abundance will come into the world. If #Israel lacks unity, it causes a break-up with the Creator and suffering throughout the world.
Me’Or Eynaim/Pinchas

The path of realization begins —that I and egoism in me aren’t the same thing, but that it exists separately from me and keeps me in submission—this, in fact,  is the realization of its evil. The next step is breaking away from it—in such cases when I see that it acts to my detriment.
Then—act contrary to it.

Everyone is looking forward to the approaching year 2019 with pessimism, hopelessness, and a desire for some kind of change. The reason for this mood is that the people despair of the #EuropeanUnion, compared to the expectations they had for it …
… are despaired of the connection between the egoists and democracy in general. The period of disillusionment is coming. It’s up to us to make it short and easy …. #NewYear2019

The crisis #France is undergoing isn’t economic. It’s a split of society resulting from 30 years of #globalization, lack of communication between the layers of society. Globalization has led to the attrition of industry in entire regions of the country.
Raising #wages won’t fix it! Society is neglected!
From Twitter, 12/30/18

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How Does A Kabbalist Answer Questions?

laitman_231.03Question: When a Kabbalist explains something, does he relive those states? Or does it sometimes happen just theoretically?

Answer: As a rule, a Kabbalist speaks about what he has already attained. Or, from what he has already attained, he can partially answer the question that touches a higher degree than he is at, but by analogy, he can also somewhat explain it.

Question: Does he relive it all in feelings?

Answer: Of course. When he is asked a question that has to do with the spiritual work, he immediately enters that state. He is raising the MAN of another person and he must answer him.

Suppose you ask me a question, I perceive your desire, MAN, demand, and raise it to the source instead of you in order to fill it and bring it down to you.

Question: What if I ask why a person is born with one head and not three?

Answer: It is because this is the consequence of a spiritual Partzuf.

Question: But for this, it is not necessary to feel it in your senses?

Answer: No. This is a complete structure that lives in me. For this, I do not need to rise and make any inner efforts. So, I just answer.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/12/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter 12/29/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

After the breaking of the common soul into private souls, the glue/Isra-El between them (intention to bestow) turned into its opposite (intention to receive) and separates the parts from each other. Hence, as they develop, they sense Isra-El as interfering with unification, harmful.

One must keep renewing the connection with the Creator. The desire for the Creator I had a moment ago isn’t sufficient. A new empty space is revealed in me, which I must correct for bestowal. It needs to be filled with Him. It’s the place of my adhesion with the Creator …
… the place of my soul.

I don’t feel the Creator in this area, but I myself put Him to rule in this empty place. The Creator gradually reveals one void after another in me. This is, in fact, a spiritual desire, a soul. I now reveal the human rung of desire, the area of my soul, the place of adhesion …
with the Creator.

Two clashing camps in the #USA: Powell—all for the elite, and #Trump—all for the country. The clash is great! It is constructing Trump’s actions. The clash benefits everyone—the people and the country!

Each moment’s given as a chance to advance. If I’m sensitive (in a group), then I always see the opportunity of a new connection with the Creator. Falls and rises alternate with great frequency, as in modern technology, in order to be able to finish the correction …
… before the end of this life, and to not reincarnate.

Having lost the connection and revealed a void for a new one, we don’t despair, but feel the Creator’s invitation to a new connection with Him. And if the fall is deeper—He wants a greater connection. With the group’s support, the darkness of separation will give way …
… to an even a greater light of adhesion!

—What is the solution for #Europe?
—Europe is the most advanced continent.
The solution for the crisis is in the proper, voluntary unification. This can be done if a single #European #government is formed, which can influence all of Europe.

Having invested time and energy with no result, one loses hope to achieve the goal, and grows stronger—until the need for adhesion with the Creator arises—then He fills the desire. It equals the longing for adhesion with the Creator, so that all aspirations are to bring him delight.

Reaching the stage “not for self,” when such a calculation is absent, one is rewarded with the intention to cancel himself and serve the Creator, feeling His greatness, he forgets about his needs, like a candle before a torch, before the Creator in the property “bestowal for bestowal.”

Plugging into the ten, into my duty to become a uniting element, I help the friends to achieve this property. Each ten serves as glue between the tens. So we must become the glue for all mankind. This is the only condition to be called Isra-El, nothing else. This is our mission.

When separated from the Creator (in conflict at work or family, or just irritated), we must see the Creator’s condition to connect to Him, not by cancelling the problem, but by rising above it, in the importance of being in touch with the Creator ….
…. which is greater than the trouble sent by Him. The magnitude of the problem measures the strength of the connection.

To aspire to the Creator consistently, whether there is or isn’t a desire to do so with no difference between the states. And if there is a difference in what state to aspire to the Creator, I must ask the Creator to help, so that there is no difference—and so merit perfection.

When feeling close to bestowal, that it is the Creator who drew him nearer to it, one should praise the Creator for pulling him out of a low state and into a spiritual sensation. It is important not to stop but to keep praising the Creator, to be honored with the higher steps.

The world nations’ desire is egoistic, as the Creator said: “I created an evil inclination.”
But Isra-El stands out in Babylon, “a people of the people,” in order to achieve the quality of bestowal, to become Isra-el, “the Creator’s people”—to unite all nations into one.

At the time of the Temple, #Israel developed as a group, a special people.
Its entire history before the exile circulated around the struggle for unity.
Now this group must unite in order to trigger the movement of nations toward unity. “World nations, unite.”

#Trump raised the French to revolt. He set an example to resist the cost of “ecology.” Scientists created an “ecological” campaign scaring the masses with the end of the world, thereby demanding investments into themselves; #climatechange #ParisAgreement
They’ve been at it for over 30 years, with no result from their work! And now the masses demand to be focused on! #scientists

The Temple fell because Isra-El cannot exist in isolation and must spread among nations. But not to dissolve in them—to determine the nature of future unity. When bestowal sets in the world, Psalm: “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations” will come to pass.

Lack of joy is a sign of one’s lacking the sensation of the Creator. So I must ask the Creator to feel His greatness and regret that I don’t. Rejoice that you suffer because of the lack of spirituality, and not material things. Rejoice that the Creator gave you this yearning!

The first decree of a new single European government should be a statement of the common mandatory, all-European education of a unified European (united person). Based on this, the conditions for accepting the immigrants and suchlike, will be clarified. And everything will work out

Actualizing bestowal thru the Creator’s greatness is called Li-Shma, just for bestowal, not a reward. Bestowal is done only in the measure of the greatness of its Beneficiary, which gives strength to do the work. Inability to raise the Creator’s importance gives no strength for it.

Israel is not a nation; it belongs to the world; cosmopolitan to all reality since it’s meant to tie it into a single system as before the breaking of the Soul. Hence many Jews are nostalgic for unity and want to achieve it, feeling a “communistic” yearning for perfection of nations.

When the common soul is broken, selfishness is revealed—#Israel in its inverse, negative form, unable to unite souls. Parts of the Soul, the nations of the world, are not selfish. Only Israel can play a positive or negative role. The rest do not have a free will.

The time of leaders is over. The time of gatherings is coming. It requires strong-spirited people who can agree among themselves, unite, rise above their self-interest, build a system of forces among themselves and start governing humanity together.

One’s desire to work for the Creator reveals self-interest and one feels empty. This void needs to be filled with His greatness. Ask for faith in the Creator’s greatness above reason, to walk in low thoughts as the best condition, with joy. Katnut must be the primary and permanent state.
From Twitter, 12/29/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/30/18

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom,” Title “The Mind’s Control over the Body”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence,” Title “The Order of the Passing of the Wisdom”

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