A Question Is A Desire For Fulfillment

Laitman_917.01Question: If your teacher were next to you now, would you ask him questions?

Answer: No, because you have to answer the questions that arise in you yourself.

Question: Why do you ask students to ask you questions?

Answer: To accelerate the exchange of views through which unity arises. The faster you can progress, the better. Speed depends on the rapprochement between you, and the rapprochement depends on the amount of discussions in the tens. That is why I’m trying to excite this all in you.

Question: Are there any questions for which you have no answer?

Answer: There are many questions in Kabbalah that cannot be answered. Students have to feel them from the inside.

A question is the desire to fulfill the heart and mind. Getting fulfilled will be the answer. If neither heart nor mind are ready to receive fulfillment, like a child you are trying to explain something to, but he cannot understand, then you cannot do anything.

Therefore, the message (answer) has to correspond with the vessel, the desire, and the intention that a student has. This is the problem.

Question: Did you ask Rabash many questions?

Answer: Yes. I asked questions for myself and for others.

Question: But today would you not ask anything?

Answer: No. I have nothing to ask. I can already ask him questions. If we were physically next to each other, we would sit and be silent.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/31/17

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