How Does A Kabbalist Answer Questions?

laitman_231.03Question: When a Kabbalist explains something, does he relive those states? Or does it sometimes happen just theoretically?

Answer: As a rule, a Kabbalist speaks about what he has already attained. Or, from what he has already attained, he can partially answer the question that touches a higher degree than he is at, but by analogy, he can also somewhat explain it.

Question: Does he relive it all in feelings?

Answer: Of course. When he is asked a question that has to do with the spiritual work, he immediately enters that state. He is raising the MAN of another person and he must answer him.

Suppose you ask me a question, I perceive your desire, MAN, demand, and raise it to the source instead of you in order to fill it and bring it down to you.

Question: What if I ask why a person is born with one head and not three?

Answer: It is because this is the consequence of a spiritual Partzuf.

Question: But for this, it is not necessary to feel it in your senses?

Answer: No. This is a complete structure that lives in me. For this, I do not need to rise and make any inner efforts. So, I just answer.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/12/18

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