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US Withdrawal From Syria

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/20/18

The United States is withdrawing its military forces from Syria, which will surely weaken Israel. The U.S. is gradually abandoning its traditional role of maintaining world order, and focusing on securing its own future. I have been warning of this development for many months.

Israel will continue to see its global stance weakening, while the nations of the world continue to apply pressure and isolate it more and more. This will go on until Israel understands that it must generate unity and thus enable the global unity of all nations.

My Thoughts On Twitter 12/20/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Jews, Israel are responsible for the correction of the world, any damage to it, any state it is in. It isn’t by chance that the nations innately blame the people of Israel for all problems. We’re to discover that drawing on our egoism after World War II brought us to global crisis.

One can’t reveal the Creator before experiencing His concealment and its importance as revelation. It’s possible in the intention for the Creator, for He delights in one’s joy in concealment more.
Agreeing to be in darkness/Malchut of the upper, in joy, one becomes Keter of the lower.

Now it turns out that social, economic, and technological development has been detrimental to us, since it was based on our self-love, on the desire for pleasure. Therefore, it did not bring any relief to our life; it made life more complicated, turning it into an ongoing struggle.

Kabbalists, who are called “Israel,” build a spiritual union where the Creator is revealed, while the “Nations of the World” will unite in order to receive material fulfillment. But since they will receive it from us, it will reform their egoistic union into the altruistic one.

Obstacles in the revelation of the Creator are but the signs of our approaching Him. There’s no other way, since we’re His opposites. Each overcoming shortens the path. When the sensation of distance no longer impacts the movement, it enters bestowal, and the Creator is revealed.

The law of the soul is the unity of its parts connected in such a way that it is attained only from its breaking.

One seeking the Creator, bestowal, is lowered-to understand what to wish from Him, think of the goal. In ascent there’s no concern for spirituality, but a fall is a benefit. The Creator’s caring is in showing one that he has no strength and only He can help. The fall becomes a rise!

Always remember the goal of creation—to delight the created beings; if an evil inclination asks questions, work with them towards bestowal. Questions opposing the path arise not to lower it but to give room to effort to rise to the Creator. It means you are being brought closer!

When one feels exile in spiritual work, wants to escape, he must trust that the Creator is with him and gives a taste of exile so one rises to Him; hence He shows distance. With faith, one gains strengths not to run but accept the work in ascent and descent as movement to the Creator.

Experiencing a low state that you could not even imagine—understand that the Creator is now engaged in you, causing the longing, showing a spiritual form that has no taste for egoism, in order to push you to the adhesion with the Creator, so that you cannot remain in a low state.

He who makes effort feels the power of darkness; can’t overcome the ego. So the desire for help is born. Hence, seeing no progress, one must not abandon the work. The goal is to realize that you must reach the darkness, desire to bestow, and not the light that will come by itself!

Understand that one is in a low state not because he became worse, but to want to achieve bestowal; one reveals his true state, inherent, but hidden. With mercy, the Creator reveals one’s evil, so that he found the prayer, and this mercy of the Creator is in the revelation of evil!

#USA withdraws troops from #Syria. It weakens #Israel. But such will be the tendency: Israel will be weakened and increasingly pressured and isolated—until it realizes its obligation to create an internal unity of the people, in order to influence unification of all nations!

Personal egoism evolved and developed humanity. But it matured to build a single system out of itself. Yet, it has no glue to do so. Contrary to reason, it fights rather than unite to balance the world. While we direct our forces not to correct egoism, nature will show our failures.

Egoism will finish the world: contrary to reason, it makes us fight not unite—not against someone but to bring the world in balance. US economy and living standards are growing, 0% inflation, the world is crumbling around, Paris is burning, China is falling, but the Feds are fighting Trump.

Do not complain about the growing egoism that prevents you from entering the upper world, but trust that by engaging it, the Creator urges you to have a relationship with Him. The Creator delights when you ask to come closer to Him, to be similar to Him.

The Creator evokes thoughts and actions opposite to His loving governance—to draw the light on them if one wants to enter the upper world. Can’t overcome contradictions by the Creator’s greatness. He sends them so one brings upper light on them. There is no other way to reveal the Creator.
From Twitter, 12/20/18

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New Life 117 – We Are All In The Same Boat

New Life 117 – We Are All In The Same Boat
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The world is becoming round due to the economic crisis. Life is becoming more even and connected for all of humanity regarding culture, education, use of the Internet, cellular networks, and even the consumption of junk food. Organizations and individuals share resources to save money. The crisis is forcefully bringing us closer to each other and requiring that we learn how to use the human ego properly. While it is forbidden to limit or suppress a person, we need to learn how to construct ourselves as people who radiate goodness so that everyone will accept us gladly. We need to build the right kind of environment through which we will learn how to be more open, outgoing, and connected with one another above our differences. People will learn, through workshops in which people sit in a circle and discuss issues such as the human egoistic nature, how our development is influenced by others through the environment, and our mutual interdependence. We will build a common desire and a common brain between everyone so that we can effectively look ahead and plan our next moves together.
From KabTV’s “New Life 117 – We Are All In The Same Boat,” 12/24/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/20/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Hardening of The Heart – Opportunity For Ascent”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “One Commandment”, Title “The Necessity to Observe the 613 Commandments”

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