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Spiritual work Avodat Hashem has no analogues in our world = the Work of the Creator, since it is performed by Him, but only at our request, in readiness to change our nature from selfishness to love of others. The path to “Love others” lies through the disclosure of hatred, ego.

Building a good connection between people over the egoistic one is а person’s life task, whether it’s forced or voluntary, up to “Love others as yourself,” Nature’s basic law. The revelation of love over hate is called the revelation of the Creator: BORE = BO/come and RE/reveal.

Nothing in the world is by chance; it’s all so that Kabbalists expose the method of the world’s correction. It’s done by way of pressure on the world, which pressures the Jews and Israel. But it must be deliberate, to force the Jews to realize their obligation to correct the world.

The Creator is an integral system in which the main law is in effect—love your neighbor as yourself. So, prayer should be for Him to teach us, help us all to acquire the quality of bestowal and love, to master the law of love for one’s neighbor as for oneself.

The creator is a system. To enter it, you need a key. The key is a prayer. The prayer must be correct for the key to go to the lock and open the door.
From Twitter, 12/13/18

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