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When the Jewish nation converges and unites, the world converges and unites around them toward goodness. When the Jewish nation hates itself, others hate it as well.

I wish American Jews quick awakening, awareness of their mission, the opportunity to correct themselves …
…. and through them—the whole world. #antisemitism #tikkun

The French people hate #Macron?
No! They hate their situation:
9.1% unemployment rate, 14.2% below the poverty threshold, violent attacks and drug-trafficking in the open. But nothing will change this trend.
The solution: institute across-the-board, mandatory education with wages
just as for employment. #ParisRiots

#Hanukkah isn’t construction, gathering sparks from the ruins of broken desires.
We gathered the sparks—desires to bestow, Bina, faith.
Then we start building the Temple in desires to receive—until Purim. The Temple was built out of the matter of creation …
… every person’s egoism, connected to others by love, light.

Pharaoh is inside every person and he proclaims, “I won’t let you unite with others.” This war over ascent above the egoism that divides us is the War of the Maccabees. It takes place on every degree of egoism in a person. #Hanukkah2018

We are able to make out, find out and reveal qualities of the Creator’s light only inasmuch as we attain opposite qualities of darkness.
This is why we must go through all the states of darkness, opposite to the light. Experience enables us, while going through darkness …
… to anticipate the forthcoming revelation of light. #spirituality

All the “bad” states throughout the day come to us only to give us the chance to see the light on their background. Light is the quality of bestowal, a good attitude to the friend for the sake of the common goal and not for my own benefit.

Darkness to me is the background that offsets the light, unity, the Creator.

A stop is necessary since it’s impossible to smoothly go from one war to another. At first the war was about not receiving. Once we attained rejection of reception on all degrees of desire, Malchut, meaning the degree of Bina, we have to stop before starting the new work.

#Hanukkah (“they stopped here” – “Hanu-Koh”) is a break between two wars. Hanukkah is preceded by the first war for bestowing desires, GE, while the second war after Hanukkah, the break—is for receiving desires, AHP.
These are different wars, so there has to be a break in-between.

The force of unity must rule over the forces of division.
It is thanks to the division that we increase the force of unity, overcoming the forces of rejection and raising unity above them.
Good grows only out of evil. Hence the Creator created evil and gave light for its correction.

If I annul myself to the group, I reveal that they aren’t friends, but spiritual qualities that only seemed to me as people having various problems and flaws. In reality, they are nine angels sent to help me, lifting me up on their wings.

The Creator brought me to the group and said: “Choose it, this is your good fate.” And I must annul to them—then I’ll be able to rise up with them. It’s the same at every level, degree—I must annul to the ten, which I see as being worse and worse…

A Kabbalistic group, the ten, works like an elevator.
If one invests in it as much as he can, the elevator starts lifting him to the next floor or spiritual degree. Thus, each time, a person rises via the group by drawing the upper light. Me—the group—light (the Creator).
From Twitter, 12/6/18

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