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My Thoughts On Twitter 12/31/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The world is gradually realizing that there will be no bright liberal #future! #Democracy‘s triumph is canceled.
I’m glad, because the laws of our egoistic nature oppose it.
They’re aimed at a person recognizing the evil of egoism.
So much so that he will wish to change for the good.

The world went through a digital revolution and revealed an #ecological catastrophe. It’s time to change the social contract. But no one can create it because the new world has tied together egoistic human beings into a single system.
They wanted to establish a common market whose workers are slaves, yet the uprising of those who were thrown under the bus as well as immigrants against the elites is culminating. #EU #climatechange

Q—How can a person be taught about the #Holocaust so that he wants not to forget it?
A—He needs to understand that he gets more for knowing about the Holocaust, why and how it happened. It’s necessary to explain that hatred is rooted in his nature.

Another force is becoming revealed, more powerful than “the Pharaoh”—the power of bestowal, unity, love. If you hold onto it, you can rise above your own egoism, its evil rule. You can control two forces yourself, receiving and bestowal, since each of them controls you separately!

Through the realization of the evil of egoism, we begin to sense that there is another power to turn to. Egoism demonstrates how it rules and destroys our entire world: personal life, family, society, the environment. The “Pharaoh” grows mad and sets us against himself on his own.
From Twitter, 12/31/18

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What Is The Difference Between Mutual Integration And Connection?

laitman_938.04Question: What is the difference between mutual integration and connection?

Answer: Connection is a natural external action for the sake of a goal, whereas mutual integration is an internal action where we integrate with each other via our internal qualities. It is when everyone, in motion toward the others, tries to incorporate and integrate in them.

Question: You say that when we unite, our evil inclination will be revealed. Do you mean mutual integration?

Answer: The evil inclination manifests itself in both cases. We must feel it.

If we push ourselves well to unite, then we feel that there is an inner force in this unity that repels us from it. There is a snake inside, our evil inclination, created by the Creator, and we can reveal it only if we try to unite! Then it will start pushing our ten out of the unity with all ten paws.

Question: So, in any case, we focus not on it, but on connection?

Answer: Yes. We do not need to look for this snake. We always think only about the positive and rush to it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/6/2018

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Can We Understand The Language Of The Creator?

232.1Question: What is the language of the Creator?

Answer: The Creator’s language is the language of bestowal, the so-called “holy language,” meaning the middle line of the Partzuf.

Question: Is it possible to understand how the Creator talks to a person?

Answer: In the middle line. When you come to the correct interaction between properties of reception and bestowal, you acquire a language of bestowal, because egoistic properties begin to turn into altruistic ones. Then, through the property of bestowal that you attain, you begin to understand the language of the Creator from within yourself (an egoist), and you begin to talk with Him.

You see everything that happens in the world as it happens based on what reasons, for what consequences.

Question: Are any global changes, for example, warming or crisis, also the language of the Creator?

Answer: Absolutely everything.

Question: How can I understand what He wants to tell me?

Answer: You must be at the level of the Creator. In our world you can hear what they say, that is, catch the waves. However, in the spiritual world, to catch waves means to be at the frequency of these waves.

If you want to understand the actions of the Creator, you must rise to His level.

Question: Couldn’t the Creator speak with us so that we could understand Him?

Answer: And why did we reveal the law of gravity in the 18th century, and not 5,000 years ago? Development is necessary in order to understand the Creator. You can achieve it now. It all depends on the person. If he rises to this level, he will attain it today, he will overtake time. Today, you can live in such states that people would reach, say, in another 200 years.

It is the same as in our world—a child, an adult, a wise person—different people understand differently.

Question: Is the final correction when I understand everything that is happening to me?

Answer: Not only do you understand—it’s all yours, it’s all in you!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/12/18

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How Does The Creator Develop Us?

laitman_527.03Question: Does the Creator develop us through pleasure or suffering?

Answer: He does it through suffering because I suffer when I do not know but wish I could know, attain, sense, and see! The Kli (vessel), which is suffering, is the basis for attainment. However, suffering can be suffering of love and aspiration for the desirable, which makes it sweeter than the actual attainment.

When you aspire to something you desire, the vessel in which you receive the attainment is unlimited. You don’t know what it is and so you exist in a search, in flight. Once you attain something, it turns out to be very limited. This is because you placed a limitation upon it. In the end we reach the complete correction where the Kli is not limited by anything.

Question: Is the word “suffering” the key to both our world and the spiritual?

Answer: Yes, but it depends upon what kind of suffering: necessary for the attainment of pleasure, the fulfillment of reality, or unanswered suffering.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/12/18

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American Jews

laitman_448.3Remark: Until recently, many Jews in America were confident that anti-Semitism existed only in Europe. And suddenly, now, with the appearance of Trump, with the appearance of hatred toward each other, the fear rises in them: “This is in our home!”

My Comment: This is just the beginning. The fact is that to the extent the Jews hate each other, they are hated. And to the extent they can come closer together and unite, the world will grow closer and unite around them, toward good.

Thus, everything depends on the Jews. Now, they will gradually start studying it on themselves.

It is necessary to shake this mass. They are not afraid of and do not reject anti-Semites. They are ready to co-exist with anti-Semites, but now, it is beginning to get in the way.

I wish the American Jews a quick awakening, the recognition of their mission, and the possibility of correcting themselves, and through themselves, the whole world. Through America, this can be done. This is a powerful part that can affect both their country and the whole world, and make many people think and act like them. Firstly, however, it is necessary for them to think and act correctly.

However, the recognition of evil is necessary for this. The evil can be corrected either by properly engaging our brains and listening to the advice of wise people, or as it is written, to move to happiness “by the stick.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/20/18

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom,” Title “A Path of Torah and a Path of Suffering”

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