What Is The Meaning Behind Suffering

Laitman_182_02Question: What is the meaning behind suffering?

Answer: The meaning behind suffering is to give a person emptiness that he has to fill by turning the suffering into joy.

By suffering, we refer to those desires that cause us to suffer now. However, we are able to turn them into desires that are filled with happiness and purpose.

Question: What about the famine in half of Africa or the people suffering in Yemen?

Answer: It doesn’t matter what type of suffering it is. All of it can be turned into fulfillment, satiation, meaning, and greatness—even material hardships.

For that, we need to take all of our states and fill them with the Upper Light that provides for us on all the levels that our desires want: food, health, peace, and anything that we can think of. Everything comes from the Upper Light. We just must draw this Light since the various types of suffering are those voids that we need to fill with Light.

Suffering is our unfulfilled desires. Even hunger, cold, fear, and sorrow are no exception, any empty, unfulfilled desire, from the most minute to the most significant.

There is only one fulfillment for all desires and it is called the Upper Light. In essence, the science of Kabbalah does not speak about material suffering. It simply tells us about desire and its fulfillment. Any desire demands fulfillment from us.

What is interesting is that the world contains complete abundance, and the food that we throw away would be enough to feed more than the planet. However, we cannot seem to give it away, and, on the contrary, we raise prices and use various gimmicks that multiply suffering.

This is designed by nature on purpose since otherwise we would not reach a need to draw the Upper Light, the Light of universal fulfillment. This is why the world will continue to suffer more and more.

People who possess the Kabbalistic method need to bring it closer to all of humanity as quickly as possible, but first to the nation of Israel since it can realize it first and pass it to the world. This is the task with which we are faced.

We need to explain to people as soon as possible the purpose of and its solution. We don’t solve anything through conflicts but only by drawing the Upper Light.

This is why we have a method that shows humanity that we can derive a special hidden force from nature that fulfills, corrects, and advances us. We can hasten our movement toward that goal through our own aspiration, instead of under nature’s blows from behind.

Every person can derive this positive force along with everyone else. But this can be done only through practice. This method cannot be explained in words because people lack the corresponding sensations. We need to place people in circles and demonstrate to them what to do and how to do it.

Kabbalah is a practical science that is solved and realized in a group of people, either a small group or in all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/1/15

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  1. there is no meaning in all this. people dont change. i didnt change ever. I am assume this is true for everyone. I just remember certain memories more than others sometimes. but i dont change. I dont remember any period in my life that i appreciated suffering.

  2. well.. that was neat. what now.I dont have words or anything to return what you did. perhaps even saying this makes me a greedy person. i dont know anymore

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